The Royals' 2008 35th round pick is a big time stud

Those of you hanging around Royals Review two years ago might vaguely remember this fanpost.  Someone under the moniker "husker1" was touting the 35th round pick, Chris Balcom-Miller, as a future "great pro."  To quote:

great slider and awsome control has alot of movement on two seam fast ball he should move on fast ... in the Bigs soon......

Naturally, he was treated to a chorus of guffaws and scoffs.  Understandable.  

Balcom-Miller did not sign with Kansas City and re-entered the draft last summer after one season at West Valley Community College, where he earned Coast Golden Gate Conference Pitcher of the Year honors.  He was drafted in the sixth round by the Colorado Rockies and immediately assigned to the Pioneer League of Rookie Ball, where he became the Pioneer League Pitcher of the Year with the following stats:

11-4, 1.23 ERA, 0.84 WHIP, 65% GB, 4.6% BB/PA, 27.4% K/PA

Dominant.  CBM dealt with a foot injury this spring, so he didn't get into a game this season until May 15, but he has posted a 1.23 ERA and 1.35 FIP thus far over 2 starts and 7.1 IP.  Purple Row caught CBM fever last fall and currently rates him as the 14th best prospect in the pitching-rich system in the community PuRP (Purple Row Prospects) list.  Rox Girl, who has reported on prospects for the Rocky Mountain News and is as knowledgeable as they come about prospects, had a lot to say about CBM last fall.  Here's a small sample:

Here's a guy that's running rings around the Pioneer League at 20 years old, having the most dominant season by a starter the league has seen this decade...I'm about ready to put him as high as my third best RHP prospect behind Chacin and Rogers, and I'm seriously contemplating whether he's not #2...What has to be clear right now is that CBM is a quality prospect. He may even be an elite prospect...we're looking at something exceptional...there's not much showing that CBM can't make the majors and there's quite a bit showing that he should have a pretty big impact there.

Glowing praise, certainly.  Additionally, one PR community member watched Balcom-Miller in person in Casper.  He came away impressed as well.  

The purpose of this FanPost as a Rockies fan was not to rub KCFAN's nose in the lost prospect.  The draft is a crapshoot, especially after 30ish rounds (and we passed up Evan Longoria and Tim Lincecum for Greg Reynolds).  No, I have two reasons to spend my lunch break writing to you all.  One - I find it fascinating to follow all players once linked to my team, and I suspect knowing this sort of thing would interest some of you.

Two - I have since discovered the identity of husker1.  He is Chris Balcom-Miller's father.  SBNation is a bigger deal than many of us realize (even two years ago), and you never really know who you are interacting with.  I have received multiple emails from the father of Cole Garner, a AAA OF prospect with a .400 wOBA.  Just keep that in the back of your mind.  Blood breeds deep pride and faith, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

So with that, I'm through.  I'm very relieved that the Royals didn't continue their frustrating hex on the Rockies this season, so now that the series is done, I can root for KC to do some damage in the AL Central.  Hang in there guys.  Dayton Moore can't be there forever.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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