Royals' minor league short-season primer

The short-season league begin this week with the Surprise Royals and Idaho Falls Chukars playing tonight and Burlington Royals kicking off their season tomorrow.  Here is a brief rundown of players to watch.  Also, here is a really helpful page from Greg Schaum's site that lists the rosters for each Royals affiliate.

Surprise Royals

There are some really interesting young guys on this team and I'm anxious to see how they perform.  Tends to be a hitters league.  Additionally, there are so many different cultures represented, they could start an "Up With People" troupe.

Dylan Lindsey--South African who will make his pro debut.  Don't know much about him but I ranked him #60 entering the season

Jin Ho-Shin--Korean Catcher who we gave a big signing bonus.  Supposed to have a good bat.

Cheslor Cuthbert--Nicaraguan who we gave $1.7 million to last year.  Good bat but not sure if he can stay at 3rd.

Geulin Beltre--highly touted international signee a few years--but not a good sign he's still in Arizona

Jerico Blanco--another international signee who get decent money who is a personal favorite.  Plays OF with decent bat.

Burlington Royals

The Royals have one more short season team than most other teams--and the Burlington Royals normally get the short end of the talent stick.  We'll see if that holds true again this year.

Crawford Simmons--Lefty we have above slot bonus to last year.  Has some upside with 3 pitches and is supposed to be fairly  polished for his age.

Geoff Baldwin--drafted last year--1st baseman with good power.

Alex Llanos--I know Will is relieved to see he is still around--CF prospect whose bat hasn't developed as hoped for.

Idaho Falls Chukars

Traditionally a pretty talented team. Hitters league with players who are a year or two out of HS.

Greg Billo--2008 draftee has moved up slowly but has posted good numbers as a RHP.

Carlos Fortuna--kid with good arm--surprised he didn't debut at full season ball

Leondy Perez--International signee 3 years ago has posted solid numbers

Yowil Espnial--talented middle infielder--one of the guys I'm most excited about.

Justin Trapp--athletic SS who reportedly has impressed


I'm sure I"m missing some guys--and I didn't put any 2010 draftees on the list.  The fun part is, instead of following 4 minor league teams, there will be 7 each night--Dubya will be busy with his updates.

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