Update: Who's Worth Trading


Last month I looked at several Royals and some possible suitors that could be interested in the next coming weeks. I am a big believer in continually replenishing our prospects because as we all know no matter how many good prospects we think we have, they all aren't going to work out, so have someone else who could step in. Here is what we have to offer other teams.


Alberto Callaspo: Numbers have gone down a bit, .277 7 HR 36 RBIs, but middle infielders can be traded and especially one with a proven track record and low cost. If Dustin Pedroia has any complications, expect at least some interest. I still think Dodgers might want him or the Mets with their surge to the top of their division.  


Jose Guillen: Yes the Royals would have to eat some salary, but a 21 game hit streak can not go unnoticed. I predicted .270 16 HR and 50 RBIs at the end of the month and they are .281 14 HR and 50 RBI's so pretty darn close. The question is can we get anything for that and I think we can. He continues to hit around .280 and has a few HRs and watch for him to get some interest. Phillies, Padres, Giants could all use an OF. Money will be an issue but the Royals will take anything to safe a little and get a prospect or two from A ball especially with a already crowded outfield.


Jason Kendall: I'm thinking about taking him out since he just can't not start for the Royals. Also Texas just traded for Bengie Molina so my thought on them getting Kendall isn't happening. Boston is a team that might have some interest depending on how long Victor Martinez is on the DL.


David DeJesus: Adding him in and he might be the guy who gets us the most. With the crop of players in AA, look for the Royals to get someone who might be ready next year with the trade of DeJesus. Padres and Giants have some talent and also can't take a lot of salary. Might not be a blockbuster trade, but could get us a potential 3-4 pitcher which could be good return.


Kyle Farnsworth: Well his stats keep getting better. 2.14 ERA is all you need to know about this guy and teams need bullpen help. Yankees always seem to add an arm before the race so maybe them, Phillies and Dodgers always have enough money for overpaid arms, so lets get something for him, get him off the books and continue to grow the system.


Bruce Chen: Some people might have thought I was crazy, heck I thought I was crazy to put him on the first time, but he has decent numbers. 4-2 with a 3.92 ERA is definitely worth a look. If a team has a starter down for a little while and needs someone to just fill the hole who has veteran experience and you can plug him back into the bullpen, why not?


Now I'm not looking for a fire sale here but the fact is trading 2-4 of these players will give us some return, possibly safe a little money and maybe see some young players get called up. We have Ankiel coming back soon, Gordan will get another look, plus Meche and Hochevar will be back plus any prospects that will get a look and it’s just too many players that can't get regular time, so let’s start trading!

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