Which Royal Minor Leaguer has had the most impressive season so far?

Prior to the season the Royals had an upper half prospect group with a couple possible stars and some decent depth.  Wow that has changed while the list of Royal prospects having a career year is long and the talent is looking as deep as at anytime that I can remember as a Royal fan.  Without an absolute change of fortune there really is no reason why the Royals wouldn't be expected to be ranked in the Top 3 of every scout grouping of talent.

Whether it's been position players or starting pitchers the Royals have a prospect performing at nearly every level.  Which one do you think has had the most impressive season so?

Mike Moustakas 3B NW Arkansas Naturals .349/.414/.690 21 HR 25 2b 26/41 BB/K still only 21 years old Moose made Arvest Ballpark his personal Coors Field along with his teammates with a 1.388 Home OPS.  Home splits aside it is nice that scouts like the play even the past hater Keith Law seems to have come around and his Left/Right splits are pretty even 1.057/1.128 Left/Right

Wil Myers C Burlington Bees/Wilmington Blue Rocks .312/.420/.507 10 HR 23 2b 1 3b 52/62 BB/K only 19 years old in High A.  If it wasn't for the defense Myers could be ready for AA right now offensively.  He's a natural with the bat and could be the combination of Moustakas and Hosmer, patient approach with power.

Eric Hosmer 1b Wilmington Blue Rocks .344/.418/.532 7 HR 27 2b 5 3b 40/37 BB/K bounce back season by The Hos talent was magnified by his 4 for 5 approach in the Futures Game.  He showed his full repetoire in that game working the count spoiling pitches covering the plate working to opposite field and turning on a fastball and hitting into the gap.  MVP of the Carolina League offensively so far by a good distance.

Clint Robinson 1b NW Arkansas Naturals .314/.392/.591 18 HR 30 2b 3 3b 38/55 BB/K equally huge split as Moose with a 1.227 HM OPS and .788 Rd OPS but with Moose going to AAA should be the front runner win the Texas League MVP.

Kila Ka'aihue 1b Omaha Royals .306/.463/.584 18 HR 15 2b 77/55 BB/K The KilaMonster has continued his assault on AAA pitching after struggling last season.  #1 in the PCL in OPS, OBP, he's drawn 18 more walks than anyone else in the league.

John Lamb SP Wilmington Blue Rocks 98.7 IP 2.58 FIP 10.22 K/9 1.05 WHIP .297 BABIP  1.48 ERA Only 19 yo Lamb has been lights out actually performing better at High A with a 2.08 FIP and currently riding a 26 IP nonearned run streak.  This kid is quickly coming up on Montgomery as the best pitcher in the system if not pushing to be the best player overall.

Chris Dwyer SP Northwest Arkansas Natural 84 IP 3.02 FIP 9.54 K/9 1.21 WHIP .301 BABIP 2.74 ERA Dwyer really wasn't supposed to be this good so soon as a college lefty "project" but he has dominated with his fb and curve at at AA and has been sensational since a 4.78 FIP start in April, May 3.46, 1.74 June and a 2.05 July.  He is just another addition to a deep system.

I didn't include Montgomery because of the injury but he definitely could be included in the mix if not at the top of the pile.  Anyway you cut it I doubt if too many systems have had this type of start.

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