LeBron, Bread, Circuses and the Royals

I am not here to judge those who claim to have found the LeBron saga the slightest bit interesting.  

I might be tempted to swear them under oath and see if the really truly found the saga interesting, but that is a different question altogether.  

Students of Roman history are well aware that the term "bread and circuses" refers, in a nutshell, to the era of Rome's decline when its citizens were appeased by entertainment, and directed mainly to the shallow, immediete needs of the populace, i.e., in brazen appeals to their need for instant gratification.  

 If ever one were in doubt that we have culturally reached the "bread and circuses" stage of the American experiment, last night surely stomped that doubt in the head with a steel-toed cowboy boot.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit I did not watch the hour-long program devoted to "The Decision".   No, it was enough to merely see the ESPN "leadup" to "The Decision" in the hour prior to the program involving "The Decision."  I watched about 40 seconds of speculation about "The Decision," at approximately 7:40 p.m. CST,  and that was sufficiently depressing to hit the off button.

But that 40 seconds actually made me think of the Royals, and why it is good to be Royals fan.

We Royals fans don't need to worry about things like "The Decision."   Like it or not, there will never realistically be a LeBron deciding to jump on board the Royals juggernaut, with or without his pals.    If the Royals are going to win some day, it will be the antithesis of what just happened with the Miami Heat.  

If there is one indisputable virtue in being a Royals' fan, surely it is this:  we are not subject to the temptation/realization of instant gratification.

This point, which was ruminating in the fog of my pea brain last night, was, quite by happenstance, brought home with clarity by a quote from Dayton Moore in today's Mellinger column:   Dayton appears to be building his team for 2013, when the crop of mostly homegrown talent will be at its peak development.   That ain't exactly a promise of bread and circuses, my friends.  2013 may turn out to be stale crusts, but ole Mr. Moore might be more realistic than we think.

I for one would prefer rooting for a team that wins (if it ever does) in this particular way, not by packing a bunch of Superstar Drama Queens into a Clown Car and calling that a team.  

And, if Dayton Moore and we Royals fans save Western Civilization in the Process, well, then I say all the better. 

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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