Royals Review Community Prospect Rankings Who's #5? Danny Duffy vs John Lamb

Moustakas easily wins the 4th place vote collecting 200 votes to Lambs 44 and Duffy's 20.

#1 Wil Myers C 2009 3rd Round Pick currently at A+ Wilmington  .334/.434/.544 16 HR Career Minor league stats
#2 Eric Hosmer 1b #3 Overall pick 2008 currently at AA NW Arkansas
 .292/.372/.469 23 HR
#3 Mike Montgomery SP Supplementary Pick #36 Overall 2008 3.06 FIP 242 IP 214 Ks 72 BBs 171 Hits allowed
#4 Mike Moustakas 3b #2 Overall pick 2007 Omaha Royal .279/.336/.492 67 HR 

Lamb has struggled in his first four AA outings collecting only 9 k's and 8 bb's over 17 innings while also allowing 15 earned runs.  Duffy on the other hand has used that newly found velocity to collect 27 strikeouts versus 7 bb's and 7 earned runs in his 4 starts over 24 innings.

John Lamb (5th Rd Pick #145 overall 2008)- Lamb like Myers started the season in Burlington(IA) and also like Myers has been lights out after a slow April.  The 6'4 lefty features a low 90s fastball that tops out in the 94 mph range while also featuring what should be an above average change and curve in the future.  Lamb like many young Royals prospects hasn't been able to use his slider in the lower levels of the system but could be gearing up to add that pitch to his arsenal very soon.  Lamb only 20 flew threw A and High A this season tossing 32 innings without giving up an earned run at one point while jumping through two levels to get to AA NW Arkansas where he is currently.  The young lefty currently has the 2nd best ERA in all of minor league baseball while averaging 9.76 k/9 and carrying a 2.53 cumulative FIP.  Young, lefty, talented and a bulldog mentality from what scouts say should have this guy in the majors sooner than later.

13-10 195.1 IP 165 H 209 K 57 BB 9.6 K/9 2.6 BB/9 2.72 ERA 1.137 WHIP

Danny Duffy 3rd Rounder 2007- Duffy nearly retired this offseason but after a hiatus decided to restart what has been a solid minor league career with little to no adversity involved.  Duffy listed at 6'3 195 lbs prior to the season was said to have an 88-92 mph fastball that he has changed speeds with regularly throughout his minor league career.  Now after coming back from his layoff it is being reported that he is touching new speeds with that fastball pitching in the mid 90s while touching 97 mph.  That uptick in velocity to go with his above average curve, improving change up and what I've heard is a solid slider(like most hasn't been able to use it) could make him a front of the rotation type starter instead of a #3-5.  Duffy hasn't encountered a rough patch on the field so his step away from the game could be a negative against him.

22-12 292.1 IP 225 H 345 K 98 BB 10.6 K/9 3 BB/9 2.49 ERA 1.105 WHIP

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