Horrible ESPN take on Jeter's "HBP", with swipe at saber...

I'm not sure I can disagree more with this article on ESPN New York more:

The guy is not above occasionally doing what lesser mortals do on a regular basis, which is trying to grab something he did not deserve to have ... in this case, first base.

That, in a word, is cheating.

This is clearly a very principled man who has never, ever, tried to milk anything or get a call in a sports game that wasn't completely legit.  Not so sure I agree with his line in the sand.  But, apparently... ya know, "this aggression will not stand, man."  This is also clearly a man who may have his priorities out of line...

In real life, it might translate to lying on your resume or fudging your sales figures. In my business, it would be equivalent to "borrowing" someone else's work and passing it off as my own, or inventing a quote and putting it into the mouth of some nonexistent "unnamed source."

I don't know whether to be terrified or happy about this.  Really??? Jeter acting like he got hit by a pitch is equivalent to PLAGIARISM??? REALLY???  Wow, you're really saying this. Forget about the fact that the soccer pitch is thus populated by what must be the online term paper-selling equivalent of Amazon... let's focus on what this means.  So, either you have so little respect for your profession that you would treat plagiarism as something as trifling as milking an incident for a call... which to me is a pretty scary thought... OR, you are just that absolutely principled in all of your dealings that you somehow rank acting like you got hit by a pitch with something as unquestionably unethical as plagiarism.  I'd like to believe it's the latter.  That would make me feel a little better.  But even then... how does one live like that?  Are there no things that are just sort of questionable, or just sort of bad?  Or is it either you're a law-abiding citizen, or you're locked up in jail for twenty to life?  I do not want to go speeding through the town where he's sheriff.

Oh, and, let's make sure we include a completely unrelated and uneducated jab at people who strive to make objective ways to analyze performance in baseball:

To find anything wrong with this guy, we have had to resort to the sabermetricians, who with their charts and algorithms have somehow concluded that contrary to what your eyes and the results have told you, the guy is actually a bum.

Har har har, those eggheads har har, I love pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Yes.  That's exactly what all of the Saber guys say, that he's a complete bum and utterly worthless.  That's particularly what they meant when they said he has been four to eight wins above replacement for over a decade, and frequently right in the ballpark of being "worth" his salary.  They're all just flailing to make up lies that Derek "Past a Diving" Jeter isn't any good.

The only thing worse than the time that I spent reading that article, is how much it annoyed me and made me spend even MORE time, writing this post.


OK, I'm done.

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