Please Evaluate These Two Trades and Resulting 25-Man Roster!

Trade #1: Mike Montgomery and Wil Myers for James Shields.

Trade #2: Melky Cabrera and Jake Odorizzi for Matt Cain.

Trade #1 is similar to what Milwaukee did last year in acquiring Zack Grienke, giving up two top prospects in Jake Odorizzi and Lorenzo Cain. It is also similar to what Cleveland did this year in acquiring Ubaldo, giving up top prospects Drew Pomeranz, Alex White, and Joe Gardner. Tampa Bay has Matt Moore coming into the rotation, so everyone moves up a spot and Shields shifts out. Shields is a low WHIP borderline ace.

Trade #2 give the Giants a top CF to replace aging and ineffective Andres Torres, and provides insurance for Carlos Beltran who may or may not remain. In addition, they acquire a top prospect arm in Jake Odorizzi. This obviously leaves a big hole in the Giants rotation, but they clearly need an upgrade in the OF as was evidenced by the acquisition of Beltran for the playoff push. The rotation would be Lincecum, Vogelsong, Bumgarner, Sanchez, and Zito/Surkamp barring any other moves. Cain is another low WHIP borderline ace.

I realize that these trades cost us three of our top prospects, but they net two of the top WHIP #2 starters in the majors. We need to use our highly ranked farm system to net something great while it is still at or near the top. If you don’t think these trades are equitable, please offer suggestions as to whom the Royals could offer instead to net Jame Shields and Matt Cain.

And the top prospects the remain are still impressive: John Lamb, Chris Dwyer, Cheslor Cuthbert, Elier Hernandez, Jorge Bonafacio, Bubba Starling, Will Smith, Christian Colon, Jason Adam, Greg Billo, Yordano Ventura, Robinson Yambati, Kevin Chapman, Brett Eibner, David Lough, Brian Fletcher, Noel Arguelles, Brian Brickhouse, Aldaberto Mondesi, Tim Melville, Michael Antonio, Rey Navarro, Mike Mariot, Cam Gallagher, Patrick Leonard, Kyle Smith, Elisaul Pimentel, Leondy Perez, Manny Pina, Buddy Baumann, Orlando Calixte, Yowill Espinosa, Jeff Bianchi, Humberto Artega, Derrick Robinson, Tyler Sample, Sugar Ray Marimon, Leonel Santiago, Kevin David, Jake Junis, Darwin Castillo, and others.

This sets up the Royals OF in 2012 as follows:
LF: Alex Gordon
CF: Lorenzo Cain
RF: Jeff Franceour
OF: Jarrod Dyson

Dyson is a very valuable asset on the team. He needs to stay up and start once or twice a week. He will be a pinch runner many times late in close games, and he will win them for us.

The 25 man roster will be as follows:

1. Alex Gordon – LF (L)
2. Johnny Giavotella – 2B (R )
3. Eric Hosmer – 1B (L)
4. Billy Butler – DH (R )
5. Jeff Franceour – RF (R )
6. Mike Moustakas – 3B (L)
7. Salvador Perez – C (R )
8. Lorenzo Cain – CF (R )
9. Alcides Escobar – SS (R )
Bench: Jarrod Dyson – OF (R ); Yamaico Navarro – 2B/3B (R ); Clint Robinson – 1B/DH (L); Brayan Pena – C (S)

I think one thing we lacked last year was a potent pinch hitter, especially from the left side. Clint Robinson fits the bill, and he can spot start for Billy Butler and/or Eric Hosmer if necessary. I wish Clint Robinson could play everyday, but Billy Butler is an established very good major league hitter...both may also be part of a trade. Also, I believe Johnny Giovatella and Lorenzo Cain are interchangeable in the 2 and 8 spots in the lineup.

Starting Rotation:
1. James Shields (R )
2. Matt Cain (R )
3. Luke Hochevar (R )
4. Bruce Chen (L)
5. Felipe Paulino (R )
Other options: Danny Duffy, Luis Mendoza, Everett Teaford, Aaron Crow, Nate Adcock, Sean O'Sullivan, Vin Mazzaro

I’m sorry, but Danny Duffy probably needs more time in the minors to figure out how to throw strikes. So does Sean O’Sullivan.

1. Joakim Soria – Closer (R )
2. Greg Holland – Setup (R )
3. Aaron Crow – Setup (R )
4. Kelvin Herrera – Setup (R )
5. Tim Collins – Setup (L)
6. Louis Coleman – Setup (R )
7. Everett Teaford – Setup/Long Relief (L)
Other options: Blake Wood (R); Kevin Chapman (R)

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