Royals Review Free Agent Prediction Thread

While Dayton Moore has indicated he does not expect to sign any big time free agents this winter, other GMs will be busy at work making monumentally stupid financially decisions that will drag down their franchise for years with an embarrassing albatross contract. Although it is considered a down market, there are still superstar players available like Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, and Willie Bloomquist. Who will add the final piece to their championship ballclub?


It is up to you to predict. Whoever predicts the most correct free agent destinations will win a FREE year-long membership to Royals Review. Predict where the following free agents sign. You may list any MLB team, "Japan", "Retired", or "Eaten by a Rabid Monkey in the Off-Season." You don't have to list their salary, but if you want to, knock yourself out, you pop-tart eating baseball nerd.


Ramon Hernandez, Reds


1B Albert Pujols, Cardinals

1B Prince Fielder, Brewers

1B Carlos Pena, Cubs

2B Kelly Johnson, Blue Jays

2B Aaron Hill, Diamondbacks

SS Jose Reyes, Mets

SS Jimmy Rollins, Phillies

SS Rafael Furcal, Cardinals

SS Willie Bloomquist, Diamondbacks

3B Aramis Ramirez, Cubs


LF Josh Willingham, Athletics

LF Johnny Damon, Rays

LF Juan Pierre, White Sox

CF Coco Crisp, Athletics

CF Grady Sizemore, Indians

RF Carlos Beltran, Giants

RF Michael Cuddyer, Twins

RF David DeJesus, Athletics

RF Jason Kubel, Twins

Designated Hitters

DH David Ortiz, Red Sox

Starting Pitchers

LHP C.J. Wilson, Rangers

RHP Yu Darvish, Japan

RHP Edwin Jackson, Cardinals

LHP Mark Buerhle, White Sox

RHP Hiroki Kuroda, Dodgers

RHP Roy Oswalt, Phillies

RHP Javier Vazquez, Marlins

RHP Hisashi Iwakuma, Japan

LHP Paul Maholm, Pirates

LHP Erik Bedard, Mariners

RHP Aaron Harang, Padres

LHP Jeff Francis, Royals

LHP Bruce Chen, Royals

LHP Chris Capuano, Mets

RHP Joel Pineiro, Angels

LHP Tsuyoshi Wada, Japan


RHP Jonathan Papelbon, Red Sox

RHP Heath Bell, Padres

RHP Ryan Madson, Phillies

RHP Francisco Rodriguez, Marlins

RHP Joe Nathan, Twins  

Bonus: List any other MLB Free Agent Contracts the Royals Sign this Winter

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