Belated Friday Open Thread: Northwestern Is Not Good Enough For Me Edition

The Winter Meetings have passed us by. How will Albert Pujols survive without toasted ravioli? Will he have them shipped to him daily? Hourly? Seriously, what will he do without toasted ravioli? With his bank account, I'm sure he could hire a personal chef that specializes in toasted ravioli, but that just isn't the same. I'm of the mind that his numbers will suffer when his body is no longer stuffed with Charlie Gitto's fried pasta pillows stuffed with meat. I could be wrong on this, but only time will tell.

1. If money was no object, what car would you purchase? Doesn't have to be a new car. I'm expecting a lot of Prius answers, but I'm open to ideas.

2. If MLB were to reset the rosters, and the Royals ended up with the #1 pick in a snake draft, who would you target for the #1, #60 and #61 pick? All contracts would be voided, and the Royals would control players for six seasons.

3. The ghost of Plato offers you one of two pills. If you take the blue pill, from now on your government will precisely represent the will of its people. If you take the red pill, your country will be seized by an intelligent dictator whose political views are identical to yours. Which will it be?

4. If you were forced to spend an evening watching a double feature of romantic comedies, what two movies would you actually enjoy?

5. recently announced the poll results for a "Hottest Women of All Time" survey. The top five were Jennifer Aniston, Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, and Madonna. How people failed to arrive in mass to vote for Elizabeth Cady Stanton is beyond me, but the results are the results. Thoughts on the Top 5? Who was overlooked?

6. Two men play checkers. They play five games and each man wins five games. There were no ties. How is this possible?



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