Belated Friday Open Thread: Legends Are Mortal Too Edition

First Frank White is canned, now Herman Cain has left us? What a sad 24 hours news cycle. I find the current primary season to be fascinating, as three front runners for the Republican presidential nomination have turned out to be mere flashes in the pan. The new front runner thanks to the reveal of Cain's numerous skeletons appears to be renowned historian and zoo enthusiast Newt Gingrich. Gingrich will now be under intense scrutiny, can he survive? I really hope he makes it through, I already have visions of him coming to northwest Connecticut so he can visit the local wildlife center. He has to be interested in seeing Fainting Goats, Ibex, and the infamous Nilgai, right? Or, I could show him the birthplace of John Brown while he lectures about the tipping points that led up to the Civil War, including the famed Oberlin-Wellington slave rescue of 1858. Will he tell me Salmon Chase blew it? Or does he think Chief Justice Joseph Rockwell Swan was wrong in his ruling regarding the case? My head is spinning in anticipation.

On to the questions...........

1. What are the five best movies of the 2000s? This question was posed in a game thread during the 2011 season, and led to a lengthy conversation. Take your time with this one, it is that important.

2. After the United States won their independence and drafted the Constitution, what was the most important moment of the next thirty years? At least 200-300 words is required for this question.

3. What restaurant chains are you a fan of? Favorite?

4. Do you have any pets?

5. For us soccer fans, what are your initial impressions from the Euro 2012 draw? For the non soccer fans, why do you hate soccer? Have you seen Alex Morgan?

6. A logic puzzle...........

There are four people in an adventure race that need to get across a lake. They have only one small canoe. The rules say that only the slowest person in the canoe can paddle, only or two can be in the canoe at a time, and they must all cross in the canoe. From practice, the know that:

a) Annie can paddle across in 1 minute.

b) Bob can paddle across in 2 minutes.

c) Charles can paddle across in 5 minutes.

d) Dan can paddle across in 10 minutes.

How do they get everyone across the river in 17 minutes without breaking the rules?



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