The 2011 KC Royals via Baseball Mogul

Yes, Baseball Mogul a long running baseball simulator has released a new version and it contains the full 2011 Royals roster, including all the wonderful prospects. I decided to take the reigns of the Royals and went into it with two rules. I would not trade to stack and I would only make trades that made sense. Sense as in, dumping free agents and or under-performers with the caveat that I would wait until July 1st.

So....on to the results.

The season began with a big battle at first. Hosmer, Kila and Butler all raked. Kila had 7 homers by May 1st. Hosmer got off to a great start hitting .290 with a .800 OPS in April, but I decided to demote him to AAA and give Kila and Billy the everyday 1B/DH split.

Moustakas ripped AAA pitching, but I refrained from calling him until I was sure he would be able to hit in the bigs. Aviles went down for the season (lol) in May. I was forced to used Zawadski in a platoon with Betemit. Z did hit well but had 11 errors in 17 games haha.

The pitching staff was actually interesting. Kyle Davies, Luke Hochevar and Jeff Francis all pitched well through May, but when June hit both Hoch and Francis declined rapidly. Chen and Davies fought for the team ERA lead and Mazarro quickly played himself to AAA. I decided that when July 1st came I would trade one of the starters and since the Reds came knocking I sent UFA Kyle Davies to the Reds for Homer Bailey, who fell out of favor.

As July moved on the team really took shape. Alex Gordon, Melky Cabrera and new right fielder Mitch Maier all were near .300 and Gordon specifically was leading the team in XBH's. Chris Getz was a bright spot at 2nd base with only 3 errors a .375 OBP and 25 steals. I was forced to lead him off, and then I released Jason Kendall and his .645 OPS. Brayan Pena did not hit for a high average but his RTO was 40% in his first 30 games.

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The lineup after the trade deadline:

Getz 2B
Cabrera CF
Butler DH
Ka'aihue 1B
Gordon LF
Pena C
Moustakas 3B - hit .410 in his first 70 PA's
Maier RF
Escobar SS


Tejada  - had a 1.90 ERA in 7 starts.

So - can anyone guess the Royals record on August 1st?

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