Trauty gives Crooow free ticket to opening day on what was, prior to that, a dull day

Some dude named "Trauty" (though I eventually learned his real name, more about that below*...) from Oklahoma posted, on Thursday at 10:22am CDT, a fanshot asking if anyone wanted his free opening day ticket.


I, Crooow, responded on Thursday at 10:24am CDT.



It was a print-your-own ticket.

After much mucking about with the wireless printer and "permissions" and bullshit like that at my brother and sister-in-law's house (I'm housesitting....I'm recently unemployed), I got the ticket to print.

I promptly canceled an otherwise very meaningful 3:30 doctor appointment and began work on a special dish.

NOTE:  the following may or may not describe an illicit culinary enterprise and may be subject to deletion or public scrutiny or personal regret:

I melted a 1/4 stick of butter and sauteed a nice, erm, recently harvested herb bunch in it.  After finishing it, mixed it with some good fussili pasta and some nice gorganzola crumbles, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh chopped spinach and a few other things what might mask the aroma that accompanied the secret ingredient.

Packed it up in a tupperware, put it in a ziplock bag, threw it in the trunk and hit the road.

Got to the game, parked WAY the hell away, ate the wonderful dish, drank a couple tall boy buds I bought along the way, and went to find my seat.


Contrary to Trauty's description of the seat...

"Section 146, Row G, Seat 1..."

It was not located "7 rows from the field."


The seating, as you get closer to the outfield, curves inward, thereby changing what is usually a rather intuitive seating nomenclature system thing.


it was actually here:




It was FRONT ROW, and in the FIRST SEAT.  Friggin' awesome!

To make a short story semi-interesting, it was a great time, sat next to some great young baseball enthusiasts, became totally one with The Baseball Yuniverse for a few hours there, and realized that a dull game doesn't necessarily have to be a boring one.

And I know what you're thinking,'s not because of the pasta.  I'm serious.

Thanks so much, Trauty*.




*   -   So, I'm definitely not going to out the kind fellow who graciously gave me the ticket, but it turned out that he was actually named..... [last name of semi-famous recent chiefs player] [first name of SAME semi-famous recent Chiefs player].  So, let's say the footballer in question was Marcus Allen... the guy's name would be "Allen Marcus".  So....whatever.........guess at it if you want, I won't tell you if you get it, but if Trauty wants to give the name, that's his prerogative, as Brown Bobby might have said.



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