AV Club: Mystery Science Theater 3000

Well, it was brought up in a game thread, and the spark became an idea, and now I think all it needs is some momentum to get it off the ground.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (mst3k) was a television series that ran during the 90's, the premise of which was a guy and two robots who were launched into space and were experimented on by an evil doctor who forced them to watch some of the worst movies ever made.  This makes it sound a lot headier than it is.  Really, it's about cracking jokes and making snarky comments about horrible attempts at cinema.


It is a lot of fun, but the truth is, much like the Three Stooges, it isn't for everybody.  But, there seems to be at least a decent-sized population of fans here at RR that it might be worth it to see if this idea can get off the ground.

The conversation centered around, much like the book club, viewing an episode and then gathering at an appropriate time during the week to discuss the episode.


The most logical suggestion I can see is Royals' off-days.  They are off the next three Mondays (25th, 2nd, and 9th) and then the fifth Monday from now (23rd).  I propose a trial run for this upcoming Monday.


The episodes themselves I will try and limit to what I know is available either on YouTube, Netflix, or other easily accessible stream sources.  I will also try and provide a link or some information as to where you can find the episodes.  And, as always, all assistance is welcome and warranted.


So, in the interest of giving birth to ideas, I suggest that this week's video be the episode "The Phantom Planet.



Tagline:  In the future year of 1980, an astronaut on a rescue mission ends up on the asteroid planet of Rheton, where he discovers a humanoid race fighting for survival against an alien race known as the Solarites.


Let's try and set a preliminary time of 7:00 CST (the rough equivalent of a Royals first pitch) on Monday, April 25th..  Let me know if this works for everyone.  Remember, this idea is very free-form at the moment, and entirely subject to influence and change, particularly in the face of good ideas.

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