I propose a race!

A race!

Between Kansas City Royal Jerrod Dyson...

And San Francisco Giant Darren Ford.

I've watched Dyson wreak some havoc on the basepaths this season in limited duty, and I've seen Ford do the same in duty even more limited than the limited duty that Dyson has been limited to.

(note to self: limit the amount of times you use the word "limited")

It's a similar sensation when they're on first -- you know they're going to try and steal, the opposing team knows they're going try and steal, there's a lady in Istanbul trying to get a better price on kumquats, and yes...even she knows they're going to try and steal.

And unless they make a mistake, nothing the pitcher or catcher do is likely to make much difference. Sometimes I wonder, for pitchers with a poor pickoff move and without a particularly quick delivery to the plate, if it might not be better for their nerves and concentration on the hitter to just concede 2nd base., but then he'd have to worry about them stealing 3rd, wouldn't he?

It's also thrilling to watch them run down balls headed for the gaps in the outfield, making plays look routine that would test the range of Melky Cabrera or Aaron Rowand...and making me yell things like, "Now that's a centerfielder!" at my screen.

Alas, they both have another similarity -- they can't hit. Not even a little. As much as we all wish they could so we could witness speedy chaos 3-5 times per game, throwing a bunch of plate appearances at them to see if they turn into Juan Pierre is extremely unlikely to work.

But if I were accorded a baseball wish, I'd love to see them hit simultaneous balls into the gap that roll to the wall and carom away from the outfielders giving chase, then see which of the two crosses home plate first.
I've got $20 on Ford, by the way...Dyson is very fast, but Ford just seems freaky fast.

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