Uniforms: The Good, skip the Bad, and the Ugly

For whatever reason, arguments seem to constantly rage about the merits, good and bad, of sports uniforms.  Fans debate for years on end about what they like and dislike about certain styles.  As long as I can remember, I have engaged in these pointless debates.  Some debates shouldn't even be debates at all.  When the Arizona Diamondbacks trotted out purple hats coupled with a shiny teal logo, the verdict was nearly unanimous that something wasn't right with that look.  But, as MLB has taken a more hands on approach on what teams wear out on the field, truly terrible looks are hard to find in today's league.  That doesn't mean a few terrible looks don't still exist.  Here is my list of favorites and teams that desperately need a new look.

The Good

1. Philadelphia Philles- This is just a good look.  Clean, crisp, and it pays homage to the past as it is a close replica of what the Phillies wore in the 1940s.  Now, it may have taken the Phillies a long time to get here, what with their hideous maroon, even all maroon phase, but at least they got here.

 S2utaojg_mediumQ: Is Cole Hamels the most underrated pitcher in baseball?

2. San Francisco Giants-  Another no fuss or frills look that just works.  While this look works, what in the world are they doing with the orange alternate jersey?  That look is just hideous.  Unlike the Phillies, the Giants haven't had hideous looks in the past.  Points to the Frisco Kids.

 63-11413-j_medium  Q: Do you think she should pinch hit for Miguel Tejada?

3. Kansas City Royals alternate:  Re-introduced recently after years of fans clamoring for the rebirth of the classic royal blue look.  Like the Phillies, it was a long road to get to this glorious point.  The black alternate and the tank top look with black shirts underneath were both sad eras in Royals history.  It took too long, but finally the Royals embraced the past and brought this look back.  Also, thanks Tampa for completely ripping off the look.


Fun Fact: Colt Griffin designed these uniforms.


Others That Work: 1. Oakland A's yellow throwback alternate- a good, historic look.  2. Pittsburgh Pirates- understated and works well with other teams in the city with black and yellow as the colors.  3. Minnesota Twins- they just do it the right way.


The Ugly

1. Toronto Blue Jays-  When black uniforms became the fad in the late 1990s, the Blue Jays did not give in.  For some reason or another, once the fad had all but run its course, the Jays decided to give it a go in 2004.   The move made no sense based on both historical and fashion terms.  The Jays, as they seem to go by now, threw away the red-white-blue color scheme and even ditched the maple leaf from the look entirely until recently adding a sleeve patch to appease fans.  All in all, its a disaster.  The colors, the numbers, the "T" logo, all just terrible.  Come on Toronto, you're better than this.

 S_mediumFun Fact: Bill Brasky made a sex tape with Candy Maldonado's mother.

2. Atlanta Braves alternate- While Dayton Moore might've come from the Braves, at least he didn't inherit their fashion sense as well.  The Braves alternate is bad enough with the blue jersey coupled with blue lettering.  The blue jersey is at least an improvement from the jarring red alternate the Braves trotted out prior, but color on color just never seems to work.  What makes this look truly horrific is the alternate hat though.  Come on, the tomahawk is used as part of the letter "a"?  Get it together Atlanta.

 Atlanta-braves-authentic-on-field-alternate-with-tomahawk-59fifty-new-era-hat-1_mediumQuestion: Which would you rather have?  Jeff Blauser's quasi mullet or John Rocker's anti-semitic inclinations?

3. Milwaukee Brewers gold alternate-  The Brewers have a really good look usually.  After bouncing from new look to new look throughout the 90s without ever really changing much or finding anything that popped, the Brewers have finally found a good look.  Heck, even the 80s throwback uniforms they wear look good.  But this past weekend they debuted their newest look and it is a stinker. 

 610x_mediumQuestion: If Geoff Jenkins played today, how much money do you think Dayton Moore would throw at him?

Others that don't work:  1. San Diego Padres military outift-  The idea is nice, but the end product doesn't work.  2. Washington Nationals-  It's not grossly hideous or filled with a terrible color scheme, but it just screams boredom. 3. New York Mets black look- The Mets fan base still rages about this change.  The original Mets colors of blue and orange were designed to pay homage to the two team who left New York in the past (orange for the New York Giants, blue for the Brooklyn Dodgers).  Stay true to your history Mets!


So, that's my list of three that pop, and three that fizzle.  This isn't an open and shut debate though, which uniforms do you like and which do you just not for whatever reason?   

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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