1985 DVD Contest: A Month by Month Plan

This was also submitted via email, by Richard Clark. I am not going to post anymore by email guys.-Will

June 2011
Player Personnel
1.  With Bruce Chen healthy, have rejoin the team after his next start on June 19th
2.  Kyle Davies needs to be analyzed more at Triple A.  How many innings can he get through decently.  Does he have his command?  I've always looked at him as damaged goods since Dayton picked Davies up from the Braves.
3.Keep as many rookie pitchers up on the 40 man roster if possible.  They are developing and doing a decent job.  Sean O'Sullivan needs to stay at AAA Omaha for the time being.
Shop Wilson Betimit.  Also consider trading Jeff Francour.  Look at getting an experienced pitcher (i.e. a Lee or Halladay type) to add leadership to the rotation.  
Dan Haren - Angels Blackburn - Twins
Have Dan Glass attend more games.  Have more appearances at the games to show support and that he back the Royals 100%.  The television broadcasts NEVER show him.  There is no mention in print about the owner taking interest in the team.  Show the KC community that he is proud of the product on the field and supports it 100%.  With the improvement and exciting things happening, it would only make sense to give as much exposure to the team.  A proud owner who is doing everything he can would help....
July 2011
1.Have the marketing department start work on a viral campaign for the internet to build interest in the Royals if they continue to improve and stay in the hunt.  If movie studies can implement techniques with viral marketing (i.e. The Dark Knight) why can't baseball?  If done right, it could do a lot for the team.  Especially helping a small market team like the Royals.
If Royals are in contention for the division, implement the viral campaign that would focus on major sites and providers in the Kansas City area in mid to late July.  The campaign would be used to:
a.  Get more interest in the team b.  Show that there is a quality product that is on the field c.  Help to better promote attendance. d.  Better attendance means more support and creates an intimidating environment at Kauffman Stadium against opponents.
2. Develop an item for fans to purchase/rally around (i.e. sounds sticks, rally monkey, towel).
The Royal Rag  Powderblue  / Royal blue sides or Yellow / Royal blue sides Use the "Major League Moments" logo  or  Something like "Cleaning up Baseball Royally"

Player Personnel
Continue to monitor for trades that would help solidify the starting rotation.
All-Star Game
Work on plans, marketing, logistics, 
August 2011
If the Royals are in contention, push marketing as much as possible.  
All-Star Game
Work on plans, marketing, logistics, 
September 2011
Again, if the Royals are in contention, increase promotion and blitz al media outlets in the Royals area.
Obviously call up those that look to give the best support to the core of the team to win the division and make the playoffs.
Prepare for the playoffs
All-Star Game
Work on plans, marketing, logistics, 
Watch the Royals enter the playoffs for the first time in 26 years.  Hopefully they will win one series.  At least getting in would be a huge step for the organization.  Not to mention help to build interest in the team for 2012.
November 2011
Release: Francis O'Sullivan Davies
Work on trade or free agent for one or two quality pitchers.  Again to solidify the starting rotation.  Also try to upgrade to a better catcher.  Treanor and Pena are AAA caliber.  Not major league.  The farm system does not look ready to give a decent catcher.
Try to secure long-term contracts with:
Butler Hosmer Moustakas Duffy Soria Gordon (?) Chen Collins Holland
I realize there are a number of rookies on here that will have just been called up this year.  BUT with the payroll as small as it is, they have ample room to pay what the players deserve and should help construct a solid team over the next couple of years.  The Royals CANNOT afford to put money out on the table to Hosmer, Moustaka, Butler and Gordon.

All-Star Game
Finalize as much as possible for  All-Star Game on-field program marketing promotions sponsorship design (program/book, field/grass, advertisements entertainment (pre, during, post) uniforms (AL / NL Homerun Derby program / Entertainment Honoring Baseball in Kansas City (i.e. Negro League, KC teams of past, Ewing Kauffman, Royals Hall of Famers etc. December 2011

All-Star Game
Finalize as much as possible for  All-Star Game on-field program marketing promotions sponsorship design (program/book, field/grass, advertisements entertainment (pre, during, post) uniforms (AL / NL Homerun Derby program / Entertainment Honoring Baseball in Kansas City (i.e. Negro League, KC teams of past, Ewing Kauffman, Buck O'Neill, Royals Hall of Famers etc.
Player Personnel
Make any other changes if needed in player personnel
January 2012
Work on marketing of 2012 season tie the theme into All-Star game in same way or manner
February 2012
Do a better job of promoting Royals in larger population areas (KS, MO, IA, NE)
Better promotion of baseball with AA and AAA teams during off-season to get more interest.  Present better out of town packages to increase attendance.
March 2012
Play Ball!
I am a long time fan of the Royals.  My father grew up in Kansas City (the old Athletics-  he saw Satchell Paige pitch).  I was raised in Lander, Wyoming, but was and to this day a fan and supporter of the Royals.  It would take two days to drive to Kansas City to see my grandfather.  We got to one game each trip.  My first game I ever saw, we were up in the nosebleed section down first base (about 1980).  George Brett hit a triple that game and they won.  I met Mark Gubicza in 1984 when he was a rookie and get his signature on the yearbook.  The former boss' wife of my father's work place went to game 6 of the 1985 World Series.  I was in Junior High.  She brought back a program, the ticket, and two full KC Star newspapers ("You Gotta Love It") for me.  My jacket I had as young boy fits my four year old now.  My 1985 World Champion silk jacket fits my 14 year old now.
In 1999 I started to follow them again.  I always did.  But now I had a three year old that I could take to the games since I lived in the Omaha, NE area.  In 2003 as you know, they had a winning season.  It was a great year.  In many ways it was a fluke.  They didn't hold on to good players, wouldn't pay the money etc.  But they had the campaign "Believe" start up with Tony Pena Sr.  The Royals very well may have something this year.  A rally towel, rag, whatever would help to promote the pride.  It's something we would see on TV and get noticed.  The homer hankie did it for the Twins.  Why not the "Royal Rag" or something named that would have style.  The talent, and training is finally starting to show.  The more the community gets behind that, the better it will help the team at home and abroad.   I know it's simplistic to a point.  I do look at numbers like averages and that, but don't have it memorized or am as sharp as you are.  But I do know that the team is starting to shine.  There needs to be a push from ownership, management, marketing, etc.  Could it blow up?  Yeah, they could start to choke again.  But the culture has changed.  The first and third base coaches are solid this year.  Coaching is solid in all areas.  The skills and plans are being better executed.  There is no reason why this team can't AT LEAST have a winning season.  It's time for Dayton Moore to up the PR for the Royals.
At the same time, there are pieces that are coming into the puzzle that management needs to start nailing down for the long-term.  Mr. Glass needs to put good money on the table to keep the talent on the Royals for once.  There has been so many misses on Free Agency.  But with the homegrown group of talent, there is NO reason why KC can't start solidifying the team to be constant contenders.  If Dan Glass honestly listens to Dayton Moore, that should be done.    The commitment to the farm system is stable and has paid off.  Now it's time to finally have a major league team in KC.  Moore needs to get that done with long-term contracts for key players.  Primarily Hosmer, Moustakas and Butler.  Gordon is a question in my mind, but if he keeps playing/hitting like he has, he's worth it.  I understand who the agent for Hosmer, Moustakas  and Gordon is (Boras).  I also know that if their having success on the field and KC finally opens their wallet, then something could get done.
My oldest son who is 14 this year asked why we root for bad teams (Royals, Chiefs, Bills).  I had to explain that they weren't always bad.  They weren't.  The Royals are starting to really improve.  My four year old LOVES baseball.  Billy Butler is his favorite player.  He absolutely eats up baseball left and right.  I got hit by a foul ball at a game in April (Denard Span from the Twins hit it) and was able to give it to him.  To see the Royals succeed this year would help him (my four year old) to see how wonderful baseball is.  
If Dayton Moore makes the right decisions this summer and positions the Royals for the post-season, my father would be overjoyed.  I started the first paragraph about my dad.  Baseball is something he has enjoyed his whole life.  He tore up a brand new pair of pants catching a foul ball outside of old Municipal Stadium as a young boy (caught hell from my grandfather too).  He's followed the Royals every year.  When I was at Boy Scout camp years ago he would write letters to me.  In them there was always something about how KC was doing. Where they were in the standings.  1985 was a dream.  We both were elated, excited, happy and proud to be Royals fans.  It's been hard for him to see any good over the years since the team was so bad and the strike of 1994.  The last eight years I've kept him up to date on the good things and tried to put a positive spin.  I won a bet a couple years back for a bottle of Jamaican Rum if the Royals weren't in last place.  I would love to see Dayton Moore, the ownership, staff and most of all the players put the Kansas City Royals back on top.  Something that I can share with my father.  It would mean the world to me.  At the same time, I know that not every team can win the world series .  Respect - That is what would mean the most.  That the Royals organization gain respect for who they have for a owner, GM, players and as an organization.  The Royals are on their way.   Let's see what happens...
Mr. Moore - it's your move...

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