1985 DVD Contest -- Dayton at the Bat

The outlook isn't brilliant for Royal's fans today

near last in our division and more losses on the way

with Butler boldly whiffing and Soria the same

A too familiar dread falls on the patrons of the K


A straggling few remember the joys of days gone by

when Quissenberry closed and Brett was stained with pine

they muse "if only Dayton could change a thing or two,

we'd bet our bottom dollar we'd be in the hunt past June"


But where should Dayton's focus be to get us back on track

What are the strengths to build upon, what are the things we lack?

Many men have tried before, none of them prevailed

now falls the job to Dayton, to succeed where others failed


"The youth movement's the way to go" some say with growing hope

Hosmer is fantastic and Moustakas ain't no joke

The farm system is good and strong and they will pull us through

and deep within fanatic hearts we want this to be true


But we remember Damon, and we remember Dye

and many other players who were supposed to be 'the guy'

They left us for the Red Sox, they left us for the A's

and one by one all future hopes were banished to the trade


"Well let's just buy experience" others have opined

the quickest route to pennants is the playing of the wise

Francoeur can lead us, and Melky rips the ball

just one or two will get us through the series in the fall


But then comes the reminder of players from the past

who seemed to have it all, but bit us in the ass

Meche is the most recent - like him, there've been a lot

their hearts were in the right place, but their bats and balls were not


So what's a GM's game plan when nothing seems to work

when all the best laid plans fall apart on major turf?

In answer to the question "What should Dayton do?"

I must confess with honesty I haven't got a clue


So will the cheers continue in places like the Bronx

exuberant shouts of victory from Indians and Sox?

the likely answer's "yes" but one last thing I'll say

I'm a Royal Blue, which will be true until my dying day

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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