Friday Afternoon Open Thread - St. Louis Edition

The Royals are in St. Louis for the annual I-70 series that will be made even more special if the Royals are scheduled to play interleague games against every National League team under realignment. The St. Louis-Kansas City rivalry climaxed with the 1985 World Series, but the truth is, the two cities have been civic rivals far before that.

But why do we have to hate each other? St. Louis and Kansas City have far more similarities than differences.


Morans guy, we're not so different, you and me.

Both Kansas City and St. Louis sit in the Show Me State, the proud state of Missouri, the 18th most populous state in the Union. The St. Louis metro area has an edge in population at 2.8 million to Kansas City's 2 million, although the gap is not that large, and even less if you include Lawrence, Topeka and St. Joseph in Kansas City's metro. We are both midwestern cities with midwestern sensibilities - "REAL AMERICA" - for you pandering politicians (apologies to our coastal and international readers). We both have a bit of a chip on our shoulder - St. Louisians have an inferiority complex to Chicago, Kansas Citians have an inferiority complex to everyone.

We both stand as the home of delicious dishes - toasted ravioli and St. Louis-style pizza in St. Louis, and slow cooked barbecue in Kansas City. We both have proud baseball traditions - St. Louis as the home to the second most successful franchise in MLB history, Kansas City as the home to the most successful franchise in Negro League history, one of the most successful minor league teams in history, and one of the most successful expansion MLB teams in history. And hey, they've treated one of our own - Albert Pujols - with tremendous hospitality over the year (although we'll see if that changes next year when he signs with his hometown Royals).

So why the animosity? We have two teams that play in separate leagues that meet up only twice a year. I prefer to see us not as rivals, but as brothers who spar once in awhile, but ultimately belong to the same crazy family with XXX signs along I-70, wonderfully liberal alcohol and fireworks laws and a step-brother named Springfield they're both a bit embarrassed by.

Besides, our true rivals are the Seattle Mariners. How I hate those guys so much.

Four questions for the Best Fans in Baseball:

1. What do you like most about St. Louis?

2. What is the worst book you have ever read?

3. What three people influenced your opinion of baseball the most?

4. What movie would you like to see remade, assuming it can be redone well?

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