Looking Back on Dan Quisenberry's All-Star Career

Royal great Dan Quisenberry was an All-Star three straight times from 1982-84 and he played in two of those contests. Nicely, that era coincided with the peak of Quiz's career, when he was appearing every third day and pitching 130 innings a season. Notice how Quiz was able to be effective despite very low strikeout numbers. All part of his profile as one of the more unique players in baseball history.

Here's Quiz from 1980 to 1985:

Year Tm ERA GF SV IP ERA+ H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9 SO/BB
1979 KCR 3.15 21 5 40.0 137 9.5 1.1 1.6 2.9 1.86
1980 KCR 3.09 68 33 128.1 131 9.0 0.4 1.9 2.6 1.37
1981 KCR 1.73 35 18 62.1 209 8.5 0.1 2.2 2.9 1.33
1982 KCR 2.57 68 35 136.2 159 8.3 0.8 0.8 3.0 3.83
1983 KCR 1.94 62 45 139.0 210 7.6 0.4 0.7 3.1 4.36
1984 KCR 2.64 67 44 129.1 153 8.4 0.7 0.8 2.9 3.42
1985 KCR 2.37 76 37 129.0 175 9.9 0.6 1.1 3.8 3.38
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Generated 7/10/2011.

Quisenberry pitched two innings in the 1982 All-Star Game, which was played in Montreal. Quisenberry entered the game in the 6th inning, with the AL trailing 3-1. Quiz allowed a double to Al Oliver to open the sixth, retired Andre Dawson via groundout, struck out Ray Knight, and with two outs allowed an RBI single to Gary Carter. Quiz then retired Dale Murphy to end the 6th.

DQ came back out for the 7th. The inning began with Dave Concepcion reaching via an error. With Steve Sax at the plate, Ozzie Smith (pinch running) was caught stealing, which was fortunate, because Sax singled. The inning ended safely however after a Dusty Baker fly out and a Jason Thomspon groundout. Quiz's day was done.

The next year, Quisenberry was again a member of the AL team for the 1983 game at Comiskey Park in Chicago. With the AL leading 13-3 in the 9th, Qusenberry took the ball to finish off the game. The catching traitor Bruce Benedict led off the inning with a single. However, Quiz rallied to strike out Leon Durham to regain control of the inning. Willie McGee then flied out, and Quiz got Dickie Thon to ground out to end the game.

Quisenberry made the 1984 squad, but did not appear in the game. Quisenberry was superlative through 1985, and very good through 1987. He remains one of the iconic Royals from the 1980s.

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