Being Dayton Moore - A Short Story

Jerry was sitting in his apartment bedroom reading some Royals blogs, when he decided to look at the KC Star Royals Page. After all, the trade deadline was approaching, and he wanted to see if the Royals were making any trades after the All Star Break.

He saw an article titled "Dayton Moore says Royals Current Group Could Remain Intact". After seeing the title, Jerry hopped out of his computer chair and smashed the mirror next to it in a fit of rage.

He knew the Royals couldn't keep every single player they had on the major league roster. From Soria, to Butler, to Frenchy, to Treanor, to Getz, there were so many players on the roster that the Royals didn't need! Jerry decided that he had to take action.

Jerry looked and sounded a lot like Dayton Moore. whenever he wore his Royals jacket, his friends would tell him that he looked just like him. The first step would be to get rid of Dayton Moore.

Dayton's family knew that he worked a lot during the All star break, so they wouldn't really know if he was gone or not. Jerry decided to kidnap Dayton, and take over his operations. He hired the mafia to give Jerry his cell phone, computer, and other accessories needed to make trades, as well as the key to his office, and then fly him off to the Indonesian Jungle, preferably without any clothes on. Dayton was whisked away in the middle of the night, and never seen again.

Jerry was now Dayton Moore. He called David Glass and asked him to expand the payroll to $95 Million, and told him it was time to stop being a bunch of pussies and expand the payroll. Glass reluctantly obliged. Then, he decided to make some trades.

First, he called Yankees GM Brian Cashman. He offered Joakim Soria for top prospect Jesus Montero. Cashman accepted the trade.

He then called up Rays GM Andrew Friedman. He offered Billy Butler, Wilson Betemit, and Chris Getz for top SP prospect Matt Moore. Friedman accepted.

Next, he phoned Phillies GM Ruben Amaro. He offered Jeff Francoeur, Mike Aviles, and Wil Myers for pitcher Cole Hamels. Amaro declined at first, but Jerry sweetened the deal by adding in High-A arm Noel Argulles as well as Clint Robinson and Bruce Chen, and Amaro then accepted. Hamels was then signed to a 3-yr, $50 million extension.

Jerry then decided to make some roster moves. He called up prospects Lorenzo Cain, Johnny Giavotella, and Jesus Montero. He moved Aaron Crow to the closer role, released Kyle Davies, and put Jesus Montero in the DH spot.

Montero, Hosmer, Moustakas, Gia, Cain, and Gordon all tore it up to end the year. Luke Hochevar fixed his issues, and became a good major league pitcher. Montgomery and Duffy kicked ass. Paulino stayed strong. The Royals finished at .500 even to end the year.

Jerry then began to get ready for the 2012 season. He had SP Matt Moore break camp to fill Jeff Francis's roster spot,  resigned Brayan Pena to a 1-year, $1.25 million deal, signed Alex Gordon to a 3-year extension, and used Melky Cabrera's 2012 option.

The Royals astounded many in 2012, all thanks to Jerry.

The starting pitching was great. Hamels won the Cy Young Award and won 19 games, Hochevar won 16 games, Monty won 15, and Duffy, Paulino, and Moore each won 14.

Eric Hosmer won AL MVP, leading the majors with a .342 BA, as well as hitting 31 home runs and driving in 125 runs.

Hosmer, Gordon, Hamels, Hochevar, and Moustakas went to the all-star game. Montero was snubbed in favor of David Ortiz.

Gordon, Hosmer, and Escobar won gold gloves.

Moustakas hit 40 Home runs. Montero hit 38, Hosmer hit 31 (As listed above), Gordon hit 28, and Melky hit 20.

The Royals beat the Nationals in the world series in 7 games.

Jerry did what Dayton Moore couldn't prove to do, and in 4 less years. He remained the Royals GM for another 10 years. The Royals won 3 more world series championships, and went to the playoffs in 9 out of the 10 years.

Jerry was known as Dayton Moore for the rest of his life. He died peacefully in his sleep at age 89, and got to see the Royals win 9 more world series championships.

The End.

Note: this is not supposed to be realistic, and I hope Dayton Moore makes similar moves.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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