Royals 2011 Top Ten Plays

It has been an exciting year for Royals fans, as the super-hyped and talented mega-prospects have gradually made their way to Kansas City.  With that comes the amazing highlights of these young ballplayers, with a glimpse of what we have to look forward to, maybe even a parade on the Plaza (giggles in the background).  Buster Olney recently noted that other franchises are "in awe" of the collection of position player prospects the Royals have assembled and have brought to the majors this season.  Here are their highlights.  Jeff Francouer is on this list too, three times.

Note to Dayton Moore: If you're reading this, ask your wife and children to leave the room now, as you may be embarrassed by a hard-on while watching this.  

Here are the Royals 2011 Top Ten plays.

10. Salvador Perez debuts by picking off two runners. Perez threw behind a runner at second in the first, nearly picking him off. Later in the game, he picked a runner off at first and then again at third. Quite the first impression for the young backstop.

9. Melky Cabrera Grand Slam. The Royals only grand slam of the season was punctuated by perhaps the biggest grandstanding of the year by Melky, leading to a pitch at Billy's head and the ejection and eventual suspension of Carlos Carrasco.

8. Billy Butler walk off win via replay. Does anyone actually know the rules for the wall at the K?

7. Dyson scores on a pop up to SS to give the Royals the lead in the 8th. This is what speed do. However, speed needs to learn how to hit.

6. Giavotella to Escobar to Hosmer. Wacky double play that required a stab of a bad hop, a bare-handed turn at second and a pick at first. Just a sampling of our future infield here.

5. Francouer Throws Out Runner at First. Michael Taylor, not close to the slowest guy around, is robbed of a hit by Frenchy. Love the reactions.

4. Welcome to New York, Eric Hosmer. Hosmer debuted in KC to much fanfare, but he really shined in New York, hitting his first two home runs (separate games) and winning a game with a sacrifice fly on a very difficult pitch to hit.

3. Francouer Throws Out Runner at Third. Simply put, this is one of the greatest throws you'll see. Save for a couple of Rick Ankiel highlights, I dare you to find many better.

2. Hosmer beats the Twins. The Royals wasted baserunners all night against a pesky Twins team. With one swing, Hosmer erased the deficit and gave the Royals all they'd need for this 2-1 win. Matt Capps' run as closer was over.

1. Frenchy's Willie Mays/Ichiro Suzuki/Ken Griffey ridiculous catch of the year. Every player hopes to make one of these catches in their lifetime. Nearly all do not.

Well, there you have it. Good year for the highlights, with lots of young guys and fixtures of the future in there.

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