Friday OT Thread: Brad Pitt Is A Golden God Edition

This has been a rough week.  Only two Royals games over a four day span?  That's just not fair.  Unfortunately, with only six games remaining on the 2011 season schedule, no Royals games for five months will soon be reality.  What will we do without Frenchy's crazy eyes, C'Mon Chen's magic on the mound, or another appearance by Collins to drive us insane?  The answer is simple, we will all go see "Moneyball", right?  In somewhat of a shocker, "Moneyball" has received an Oscar-level high 93% good reviews from critics according to Rotten Tomatoes.  You know what really stinks though?  There is really no character that Brad Pitt has played that is easy to make a joke about.  With DiCaprio we have "Arnie" from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?".  With Hanks you have "Bosom Buddies", and "Forrest Gump" is easy to mock as well.  With Pitt though, what do we have?  Maybe "Benjamin Button" fits, but I can't put it there.  "Meet Joe Black" would probably be the best choice, but that movie was such a bomb that no one even remembers it.  Brad Pitt is infallible.  Its best we all just accept this and move on with our lives. 9705709_d93f354297_medium



1. If sculptors decided to add a face to Mount Rushmore, who's face should it be?

2. What sports story truly deserves to be made into a movie?

3. Who are your picks for MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year in both leagues?

4. Would you rather have the ability to be invisible or the power to read minds?  If you don't want either of those superpowers, what power would you choose?

5. The paragraph below is very unusual.  What is so unusual about it?

"Gatsby was walking back from a visit down in Branton Hill's manufacturing district on a Saturday night.  A busy day's traffic had had its noisy run; and with not many folks in sight, his honour got along without having to stop to grasp a hand or talk; for a mayor out of City Hall is a shining mark for any politician.  And so, coming to Broadway, a booming bass drum and sounds of singing, told of a small Salvation Army unit carrying on amidst Broadway's night shopping crowds. Gatsby, walking towards that group, saw a young girl, back toward him, just finishing a long, soulful oration....."

6. If found guilty of a heinous offense, would you rather spend life in prison or be executed?

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