Two Dudes, Thursday Night, Kansas City

We would’ve competed this year with better pitching.


Let’s get CJ Wilson.

That’s stupid.

Why not? We need a 1 or a 2 at least. He’s an ace. We have plenty of money to spend.

He’s is the second best free agent starter. We’ll be competing with the Yankees and Red Sox.

We can though. Selig is gonna come after us if we don’t spend SOME money.

No he’s not.

We have the lowest payroll in baseball and not many holes to plug. Dude we can actually make it rain for once!

Rain $80 million plus? Don’t think so. We need to trade for James Shields or Wandy.

That costs how much in prospects? Why start trading away the future for the now when we can have it both ways? We have as much or more cash to burn than farm.



If we’re going to sign a pitcher we need to wait till next year. That class is stacked. It’s like full of Matt Cains.

But we have to do something for 2012. The window for small markets is small. If it’s already open and we don’t know it, 2012 will be a waste.

Shields or Wandy. Other guys will be available. Maybe a Gavin Floyd. And if not, we could still go for guys like Edwin Jackson, Chen Ming Wang, Brad Penny, or Javier Vazquez. Bargain barrel.

That’d be cool if we got Wang and Chen. They’re like the same pitcher. That’d be sweet.

That’s kinda racist dude.

Oh my God. This guy.

I was joking.


No you weren’t, and I wasn’t even talking about how they’re Asian. Not that it would matter if I was.


C.J. Wilson is a retarded idea.

You’re being racist against mentally handicapped people!

You’re an idiot. Shut the fuck up.


Dude, the Royals are set. Our entire infield is homegrown. Hos and Moose are gonna be stars. There’s plenty of money right now. Extend Alex. Make it rain for C.J. Get some filler. Call it a day.


The Royals aren’t going to win by paying market value for free agents. That’s not their game.

They can when they do that for one or two guys. Like I said, cash commitments are small. We can spend for a couple good free agents, extend the homegrown guys we wanna keep, and still not spread ourselves too thin.




Yeah, it’s a pretty good time to be a Royals fan.

Yup. I’m not saying we have to get him, but I’d go up to $85 and see what happens.

I’d give him three years for 50, tops.

[Girlfriend gets up and leaves]

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