Most Valuable Player relative to their own team.

So the debate on the MVP rolls on between Cabrera and Trout. Anytime there is a debate involving the MVP a semantic discussion ensues on what "Most Valuable Player" means. I decided to take a different view of that term and look at the players as a percentage of their team value.

It could be said that he Most Valuable Player is the one who has the biggest impact on his team. Often, and rightfully so, people just find out who was the most valuable total and give them the award. But I wondered what the leaderboard would look like if we took the fWAR of a player and divided it by his teams fWAR.

This way we see which players had the biggest overall impact on their team, who was a great deal more valuable to their team. In other words which team would likely have suffered the most without that player. Flawed analysis? Yes. The way I'd pick my MPV? No. Something to spark discussion? Let's see.

Team Team War Player Player War ratio League
Mariners 13.6 Felix Hernandez 6.1 0.45 AL
Mets 20.1 David Wright 7.8 0.39 NL
Marlins 16.6 Giancarlo Stanton 6.0 0.36 NL
Tigers 21.1 Miguel Cabrera 7.3 0.35 AL
Pirates 21.9 Andrew McCutchen 7.5 0.34 NL
Royals 17.0 Alex Gordon 5.6 0.33 AL
Cubs 14.2 Alfonso Soriano 4.3 0.30 NL
Orioles 15.6 Adam Jones 4.6 0.29 AL
Astros 10.2 Lucas Harrell 2.9 0.28 NL
Padres 25.8 Chase Headley 7.2 0.28 NL
White Sox 17.7 Chris Sale 4.9 0.28 AL
Indians 12.5 Carlos Santana 3.4 0.27 AL
Angels 38.0 Mike Trout 10.3 0.27 AL
Rays 22.1 Ben Zobrist 5.9 0.27 AL
Giants 30.7 Buster Posey 8.1 0.26 NL
Blue Jays 16.7 Edwin Encarnacion 4.4 0.26 AL
Yankees 30.1 Robinson Cano 7.3 0.24 AL
Dodgers 21.7 Clayton Kershaw 5.2 0.24 NL
Rangers 26.6 Adrian Beltre 6.3 0.24 AL
Brewers 35.2 Ryan Braun 8.1 0.23 NL
Diamondbacks 27.8 Aaron Hill 6.3 0.23 NL
Phillies 24.4 Carlos Ruiz 5.4 0.22 NL
Twins 22.7 Joe Mauer 5.0 0.22 AL
Reds 27.7 Joey Votto 6.0 0.22 NL
Braves 30.1 Jason Heyward 6.5 0.22 NL
Red Sox 20.1 Dustin Pedroia 4.3 0.21 AL
Athletics 23.1 Josh Reddick 4.5 0.19 AL
Cardinals 34.9 Yadier Molina 6.6 0.19 NL
Nationals 29.5 Gio Gonzalez 5.4 0.18 NL
Rockies 18.8 Dexter Fowler 2.9 0.15 NL

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