2012 Royals Offense - Predictions and Reality

At the beginning of the year I gave a player by player prediction of the Royal's offense. Some I was really close, others I was pretty far off (I'm looking at you Hosmer). But overall not to bad but take a look at it yourself. Tell me what you thought would happen before the year began and where we ended up.

Alex Gordon

Predicted: .285/20HR/73RBI/18SB

Actual: .294/14/72/10

Pretty darn close. The power left a little bit. He moved down in the order which helped the RBIs. He didn't steal as much as last year, but the average was still there. Good year though from Gordon

Lorenzo Cain

Predicted: .275/14/70/22

Actual: .266/7/31/10

Well 61 games is hard to say that he didn't have a good year. He just has to stay healthy for most of the season and he gets to my predicted numbers. He was great in CF and has showed flashes at the plate. He plays 120 games and we see solid numbers.

Eric Hosmer

Predicted: .312/28/112/5

Actual: .232/14/60/16

He got more SB then I thought! Wow it was bad, I wrote those numbers and I thought, holy crap that is bad. Let’s just chalk it up to a sophomore slump and wait until next year.

Billy Butler

Predicted: .318/17/105/2

Actual: .313/29/107/2

I felt pretty good about this. The average was right where I thought with a bounce back year and his RBIs were great for the team. His power was the thing that was the biggest surprise. A big welcome and we will see if that was a fluke next year.

Mike Moustakas

Predicted: .283/19/81/6

Actual: .242/20/73/5

Everything was where I thought he would be this year except for the fact that he had a terrible second half. It could be that this was his first full season and he wore down. We will see, but we saw a great first half which propelled him to get close to the numbers I had predicted

Jeff Francoeur

Predicted: .271/18/71/14

Actual: .235/16/49/4

Well the power was close to what I thought, other than that the guy just sucked it up. He couldn't get on base or get guys home. Let’s hope that the worst player in the league is watching our best prospect in RF next year.

Salvador Perez

Predicted: .278/12/64/2

Actual: .301/11/39/0

I knew he would miss some time to start the year, but I thought he would play closer to 100 games then 76. The RBI’s might not have been there, but the average was great and his power was a nice surprise. We will see if he can be more of an RBI guy next year especially if he gets to hit 5th or 6th for most of the year.

Johnny Giavotella

Predicted: .273/6/54/17

Actual: .238/1/15/3

I thought Gio was going to have a lot more playing time this year and be the 2nd baseman who saw the most time. It was a revolving door at 2nd base and Gio didn't show why he should be playing there next year.

Alcides Escobar

Predicted: .275/4/53/34

Actual: .293/5/52/35

People thought I overshot Escobar. In fact it was pretty much dead on. I had high hopes for his bat and he didn't disappoint at all and was a great guy to get a hit and then steal a base.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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