Will Adding A Front Line Starter Thrust Kansas City Into Contention?


Acquiring an ace doesn't guarantee October baseball at Kaufman Stadium next fall.

GM Dayton Moore has done his part in attempting to bolster a rotation that was in desperate need of an overhaul. While there is no doubting the club is slightly improved because of his recent acquisitions, there is still unfinished business in regard to putting a finished product on the field that the fans can feel confident about contending next season.

Imagine our "beloved" GM does pull the trigger on a blockbuster deal for a front-line rotation arm with an expected WAR Value of 4-5. Exhilarating? Heck yes, but let's put it all in perspective. What would it really mean for their respective chances next year? I know that failing to surpass their 83 win season that they had under skipper Tony Pena would be a disastrous outcome.

Let's say for discussion purposes that Luke Hochevar gets non tendered as a salary dump. Billy Butler would likely have to be unloaded in the package deal for salary relief to take on the new staff ace's contract.

Butler's replacement at DH costs them two wins. (worst case scenario) And the newly acquired starter with a projected 4-5 WAR replaces Hochevar. Which would provide the club with 2-3 extra wins. They still fall short of reaching a 10-15 game improvement from last season.

A blockbuster splash coming to pass this offseason actually sets them up even better for 2014. A formidable rotation would be upon KC by 2014.

Ace Via Trade/Jeremy Guthrie/Jake Odorizzi would be fixtures. Tommy John surgery victims Danny Duffy, Felipe Paulino, and John Lamb should all be closer to full strength by then and ready to contribute. Mix in prospects Kyle Zimmer and Sam Selmon that will be ready to make an impact in the big's soon enough, and the organization could finally possess some "quality" depth. Something they've lacked since their playoff runs in the 70's and 80's.

Hopefully this deal comes to fruition for all the fans still hanging on. Inspiring hope to all the passionate Royals fans that are close to caving in and parting ways with their life long rooting interest is crucial. A move of this magnitude would be monumental in breathing new life into the organization.

It's remain to be seen if one deal could push them atop the AL central standings? Or even put them in position for a wildcard berth? At least they'd be discussed as an intriguing sleeper team next year.

Keep in the mind that the Orioles are coming off a season with 93 victories with a +7 run differential, and nearly made it all the the way to the ALCS. No matter what this winter has in store for the Royals, stay loyal, as overcoming the odds is feasible.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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