I like this trade and think it's the dumbest trade ever at the same time

My buddy text me last night to find out if I had heard the news involving the Royals. My initial thought was, "oh, fuck, what the hell did Dayton do now?". Then I went to and saw the Royals traded Wil Myers for James Shields and Wade Davis and I wanted to fight someone. Then I scrolled further down in the article and saw that Odorizzi was included in the trade (along with Montgomery, a worthless pitcher that I don't care about) and my urge to fight turned into an urge to kill.

We just traded one of the best offensive prospects in baseball and a potential future #2/#3 start - both players being big league ready - for a #3 starter (#2 at best) and a decent reliever. We all know what a moron Dayton Moore is. This isn't even an opinion anymore - it's a proven fact. The guy is just not an intelligent human being. With that said, how can even a dumb person be dumb enough to trade away such potential for players that are proven - yes - but really don't have much upside. I think Shields is what he is. There's no Cy Young potential from him. He's a #3 starter on a decent rotation. That's what he'll always be. Not bad, by any means. In fact, I think he would be a valuable asset to any team. However, I was quite angry because I thought Myers and Odorizzi together should bring back more than a #3 starter and a quality reliever.


As I've thought this over and stepped away from the ledge, my view has changed a bit. I will not agree with anyone that says Dayton got as much as he could have for Myers/Odorizzi. Those players are too highly regarded to only bring back what they did. But I also think there is a 50/50 chance that the Royals actually end up winning this trade. Here's why...

1.Let's be perfectly honest here - we can't develop players in our farm system. Dayton has shown no ability to. Yeah, yeah....Hosmer and Moose are still young, bla bla bla. Whatever. They're complete shit players right now. Let's look at our roster right now. Who is worth a shit? Gordon, Butler, Escobar, Perez, Holland, Herrera, Cain and that's about it. The only players our organization developed are Holland and Herrera. My point is we should just go ahead and expect Myers and Odorizzi to flame out like almost every other prospect this organization has.

2.There's possibility that Myers and Odorizzi aren't busts but end up becoming just average players. In this case, the Royals would win.

3.You can't win without pitching. The Royals improved their pitching.

But the real reason I'm not as pissed today about the trade as I was last night...

I'm tired of losing. I'm tired of waiting for all of these prospects to turn this organization only to have them end up like Chris George, Jim Pittsley, Mike Moustakas, Mark Quinn, Mark Teahen, Dan Reichert, Jimmy Gobble, the first 4 years of Alex Gordon, etc etc etc...

The AL Central is there for the taking. The Royals have a legitimate shot of contending next year. The Tigers are an injury to either Verlander, Fielder, or Cabrera away from being a sub-.500 team. The Twins, White Sox, and Indians suck. Does this trade make the Royals better in 2013? Abso-fucking-lutely. And possibly even in 2014 depending how Odorizzi and Myers develop.

I know, I don't sacrifice your future to win for a year or two. Fuck that shit. There's an exception to that - like not making the postseason for 27 fucking years. Let's say we don't make the trade and Myers/Odorizzi end up flopping at the big league what? How many overrated prospects do we have to go through before we start admitting our player development sucks so we should just say fuck the prospects and start trading them all for proven players? Sure, that's a HORRIBLE way to run a small market organization if you want to win in the long-term. But I would rather win in the short-term than never. And I got news for you - we aren't winning shit by building a team around Dayton Moore draft picks. Sorry, but it's not happening.

The Royals are a better team because of this offseason for 2013 than in 2012. There's no doubt about it. Since Moose and Hosmer can't possibly suck anymore than they did last year, if we get just minimal improvement out of EITHER of them, we improve there. The rotation is SIGNIFICANTLY better with Santana and Shields and the bullpen is deeper with Davis. If Cain stays healthy for a full season, that improves the CF position as well. This is a shit division and I don't think it will take much to catch up to the Tigers. Not saying we will win, I'm just saying it's not unreasonable to think we can't contend.

And now to why I dislike the trade...

I just don't get it. I mean, I like the idea of bringing in pitching. We all know we desperately need quality starters. So I like the idea of the trade. But there's just no way you can convince me he got as much as he could have given what he gave up. Prospects like Myers (and to some extent, Odorizzi) are worth TONS to teams like Tampa Bay, Oakland, etc. If you're going to trade Wil Myers and Jake Odorizzi together for proven players, you have to do better than Shields/Davis. There's just no way the Rays GM didn't get off the phone after the deal and laugh his ass off.

Even if Myers and Odorizzi flop, Dayton still failed because he could have gotten more. So what I'm saying is no matter how the Royals and Rays end up because of this deal, Dayton made a bad trade. You can't give up a potential SUPERSTAR and a big pitching prospect for a couple of quality players with no upside. To be honest, I don't know if I've ever seen a GM make this type of trade. A prospect of Wil Myers' caliber ALWAYS goes for either an equal prospect OR a proven impact player.

I will say this in Dayton's defense. We now know the real reason he didn't call up Myers last year - he was afraid he would struggle and then his trade value would have dropped. That actually does make sense because I believe he had planned on shipping Myers away for pitching all along. So at least he did something intelligent...for once.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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