I have seen the Fyuture

A lot of people say they don't like this trade. They say that the Royals got flensed like a beached whale.

I have news for these people: I have seen the future, and it is good.

I went to see the fortune teller to see which way the wind was blowing. He said I'd probably get the cancer, and I'd surely die alone.

I said, "Uh--hey, I wasn't asking about me though, I was asking about the Royals."

What I saw in his crystal ball left me breathless: James Shields on the mound for the Royals in Game 5 of the ALDS versus the Tampa Bay Rays--Tie game (1-1), top of the 9th, Kauffman Stadium--two outs, bases loaded, rookie Wil Myers at the plate--Shields strikes him out, crowd goes insane, heart of the Royals order coming up in the bottom of the ninth . . .

What happens after that, I cannot say, but I see that moment and my heart does a Triple Lindy off my pancreas.

But fortune tellers aren't real, and we all know that what could likely happen in that situation is: Wil Myers hits a gapper and the Royals unceremoniously limp off the field, down 3-1 in the bottom of the 9th, their season probably about to end.


Look, I know the trade sucks. It sacrifices the future to a significant degree for the sake of an acceptable (debatedly) attempt at a playoff run.

The value we got was not the value we gave, certainly.

It is obviously Dayton Moore trying to save his job, whether he consciously knows it or not.

And he hurts this franchise to a measurable degree.


I will, however, always be a fan, so I'm stuck with it.

I never wanted the Royals to be on this end of this type of blockbuster trade, but here we are.

Now I'm just accepting it and damn if I'm not pretty excited for this season! We'll be more competitive than we've been since I've been paying attention (1990), and there's actually a chance we're ACTUALLY GOOD, which I've been dreaming about for 22 years now. 22 years.

Yeah, it sucks that it took a really stupid move, and no matter what ever happens, make no mistake: we lost this trade. We gave up some serious value for quite a bit less value.

But, I'm not ashamed to say--in the words of Sam Mellinger--I'll take it!


P.S. -- And if we totally fail the next couple years, we can bid adieu to Mr. Moore. And probably Yost-y, as an appeteaser!!

P.P.S. -- Forgot to mention Eiland's secret weapon: James Shields will be instructed to never throw his change-up. "They'll never see it not coming."


P.P.P.S. -- It's finally time to watch the Royals where there's no "getting players some at-bats at the major league level" or "we really like the way we're headed" or any of that bullshit. This team (and Dayton Moore) will be judged on one criterion: playoffs. There will be only one goal: pussy.

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