2012 Royals Starters as Played By...

Moneyball was a successful movie by commercial standards, and even portrayed our Kansas City Royals! Unfortunately, the big name actors did not play the Royals. However—2012 is the year. This is OUR TIME. If the Royals do something insane and go on to win a World Series in dramatic fashion, we may just get our own movie. Wouldn’t that be something?

But who would play each of our beloved players? I have done some searching, and come up with these names. What do you think?

Eric Hosmer: Cory Monteith


Monteith, as many of you know, is the main man of Glee. Why should he play Hosmer then? Well, he looks like him, for one. Secondly, I think he would be able to handle a leading part in the midst of an ensemble crowd.

Giavotella: Michael Angarano


Gio was tough. In the end, I picked Angarano, mostly on the basis of Italian-ness of the name. He starred in Nickelodeon film Maniac McGee and has appeared in Will and Grace and 24.

Cain: Anthony Mackie


Mackie began his career in 8 Mile, and was critically acclaimed in The Hurt Locker. I hope the real Cain becomes critically acclaimed.

Salvador Perez: Victor Rasuk


Rasuk seemed like a good fit to play the happy catcher Perez. Honestly not a lot of young famous Hispanic actors out there.

Alex Gordon: Michael Shanks


Shanks is best known for his lead role in Stargate SG1, also appearing in Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. He has also been in Smallville and Burn notice. He looks quite like Gordon, hence the pick.

Jeff Francoeur: Eric Bana


Bearded Bana and Francoeur are even closer. Bana’s resume includes Black Hawk Down, Troy, and Star Trek.

Mike Moustakas: Chris Pine


Pine, best known for Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboot, fits Moose’s body type pretty well.

Escobar: Michael B. Jordan


This might be a stretch as Jordan is not Hispanic. If anyone else has any better ideas, go ahead and suggest them.

Dayton Moore: George Clooney


I don’t need to introduce Clooney—if you don’t know who he is, that’s bad. If the Royals win big, Clooney’s swagger would lend well to Moore’s character.

Ned Yost: Richard Dean Anderson


RDA, also known as MacGyver and Col. O’Neill, would serve the experienced manager well. He can pull of some anger and lend some humor that might be needed.

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