OK Royals Review, shoot me straight

Greetings, respected baseball sages of Royals Review. I come to you seeking a favor. Not money, or time, or a bite of your sandwich (although I'd certainly take that). What I need from you is some straight shooting.

a little background:

I'm a big-time lurker around these parts. Comment occasionally, rec when something makes me laugh. I'm on this site often enough that I could name about 30 commenters off the top of my head, and know a little about each's internet personality. Philofthenorth? Cool uncle figure. Old Man Duggan? Colleague from the trenches of the "sparsely trafficked movie blogs" circuit. LaFlamme? May read one of his books one day. Royalsretro? Someone I'm pretty sure I would like in real life.

I know all the RR characters, though you probably don't know me. Such is the life of a lurker. I'd call it pathetic, but what is reading about the Royals on the internet to begin with if not pathetic? I can feel no shame on the internet, no matter how disturbing the pornography hard I lurk.

Here's the thing though: I haven't actually watched a Royals game in quite some time. Two years, maybe. Up until very recently I thought Ned Yost's last name was pronounced like lost. I moved to Brooklyn at the beginning of the Dayton era, and the combination of 1)not being able to go to games anymore or watch them easily on TV, and 2)Dayton, drove me away from the team. I bought an internet package in 2009 to make one final stab at it, and that, my friends, was how it ended.

I've still been following the team, but only as a fan of Freneau. If he wrote about the Mariners or the Rangers I'd probably follow them. Although it has always seemed perfect to me, in some perverse way, that he writes about the Royals. I digress....

In an effort to spend more time alone indoors this summer, I'm considering making another go at it with My question to you, the RR community:

Is it too soon? Should I wait a year? It definitely seems like this lineup should be young and interesting. But surely the rotation will be terrible, right? And what if Giavotella is the next Gotay and Perez'z Perezense turns out to be a mirage? What if Moose be stankin'? What if Franceour goes all Franceour on us? What if Yuni, in some sick twist of fate, becomes a starter? If I go all in and this team sucks hard, the Royals will lose me forever. There's just too much MMA to watch.

I want to get the package, and I want to watch semi-meaningfull baseball. Is this the year for that, or should I wait until 2013? I'll hang up and listen.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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