OT: For Walking Dead Fans...

...especially for those who haven't read the comic series, I think you are going to really enjoy season 3 if it resembles the comics as much as season 2 did. Here's a list of reasons why:

1. The character introduced in the season 2 finale is pretty sweet.
2. The location given away (hinted to) at the end of the season 2 finale is where some of the most intriguing plot developments happen in the early part of the serials. I don't want to give anything away, because it could be completely different, but if the show is anything like the book, season 3 will be your favorite.
3. For those of you "in the know", this is the prelude to one of the more sinister and fiendish story arcs in the entire series.
4. The 8-12 issues of the comic series that encompass the characters' timeline coming up is what completely got me hooked on the series and what got me so excited for the television series. As long as they don't dick it up the way they did with season 1, all should be well.

Some other minor talking points:

  • I was completely satisfied with how season 2 wrapped up. I think that everything that needed to happen,happened. I was even pleased by the way they happened.
  • Lori still sucks. I have never liked her character, in either series. Part of me thinks it is because Robert Kirkman doesn't really know how to write women well. They all fit snugly into some overt stereotype. Except for the women who are written as being very masculine (Andrea, Michonne), they all generally fit into various cog-shaped boxes.
  • If I had to make a bold prediction, I would guess that what some may have assumed (or predicted) in the game thread conversation and that Merle will be making a comeback this season.

And with that, I will open the floor. If anyone has any questions about the series, I'd be happy to try and answer them. I've read every issue of the comic and have seen all the episodes of the series (which makes me sound like so much more than I am. In truth, I do not read a lot of comic books. The Walking Dead and Deadpool are the only two series that I buy every month).

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