Royals Offseason Stories You May Have Missed

With the regular season mere weeks away, now would seem as good a time as ever to look at some of the stories that got buried beneath extensions, trades, and Jeff Francoeur hunting trips. Those stories were fun and all, but the stories you missed were even more enjoyable. Here are a few stories you may have missed but need to know about to truly appreciate the complex individuals that comprise the Royals roster.

Mike Moustakas finds publisher

Not one to rest on his baseball ability, Moose is constantly in search of knowledge about a vast array of topics. Moose's latest project involves him looking at the parallels between the secessionist movement in the South during the build up to the Civil War and the political climate of present day America. The four areas he is going to focus on are the disappearance of the political center, federal power versus states' rights, unleashing the dogs of war, and the president as dictator. While Moose acknowledges the subject matter may be touchy due to the stigma attached to the South's motives towards war, he feels it is important to broadcast his ideas to the masses. Over the past few years, he saw the furor in our society over health care laws, war in Libya, the closing of Guantanamo Bay, and the shutdown of the federal government, and it dawned on him that today's issues are akin to the issues that divided America in the mid-19th century. Happy to have found a home for his prose, Moose hopes to have his study available by the summer of 2013.

Blake Wood opens jazz club

Growing up as the son of a famous DJ in Atlanta, Wood has had the music bug since he was just a boy. Unlike most of his friends who were enamored with bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Gin Blossoms, Wood's ears burned brightest when he heard the sweet bass lines of Charles Mingus, or the swinging pulse of a Art Tatum piano solo. Wood's pursuit of a career in baseball has taken him away from his first love, but this offseason he decided it was time for that to change. Unimpressed by the local jazz club in Atlanta, "Chruchill Grounds", Wood opened "Sheets of Sound" in the posh Buckhead district of Atlanta this December to rave reviews. While Benny Goodman may have been "The King of Swing", Wood jokingly refers to himself as "The King of Swing And Miss".

Luke Hochevar makes surprising purchases

When Emile Galle lamps were suddenly hot items on eBay this winter selling for northwards of $20,000 each, avid industry watchers wanted to know who was amassing such a collection. As it turns out, the person in Colorado purchasing these collectibles was none other than Hochevar. After reading the biography of Cosima Wagner, Hochevar wanted to learn more about Galle, the artist Wagner helped put on the map. Intrigued by Galle's use of metallic foils and air bubbles, and not to mention his business acumen in developing a means to mass produce his items, Hochevar decided it was time to make Galle's most sought after work his own. Some $300,000 later, Hochevar is content with his collection at the moment, but is on the lookout for more works to add to his collection from Galle's acclaimed work "Ecrits pour l'art 1884-1889", which Hochevar learned French to be able to read.

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