Mitch Maier Writes Home From Baseball Summer Camp After Pitching

April 15, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Cleveland Indians center fielder Mitch Maier delivers a pitch against the Kansas City Royals during the ninth inning at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-US PRESSWIRE

Dear Mom & Dad,

This has been one of the funnist weeks of the camp so far. When we were in Oak Land I hit a home run and yesterday coach let me pitch in a game! Just like last year and maybe this time was even better.

I think I had told you about my pitching before. Sometimes what I do after practice is throw the baseball up against the fince as hard as I can. One time there was someone to play catch with, but mostly it is just me by myself. I aim at different holes in the chain. I have a special pitch that is a curve that i throw with my arm sidesways to. But mostly it is fastballs. I don't know how fast I can throw but I bet it is fast.

Yesterday we were losing this game to the Indians bad. I had been able to play earlier in the weekend, but I don't remember why. For a few days my friend Jared was around, but then he had to go home again. There is another outfielder name Bugous too. So I was in the outfield and the coach just said, "I hope they don't hit it to you." I was a little sad by Jared is real fast so I just new that I needed to be faster.

We were losing and all the pitchers had gotten tired. So then coach but Bugous in the outfield and told me to pitch the last inning. I asked if he had seem me pitch before after practice. He said, "Son, why would I have done that?' He's a nice man.

So there I was on the mound. I mostly hoped that I wouldn't fall. I couldn't remember if you were supposed to do a wind-up or not or if you were supposed to just throw. Normally people hadn't been caring about the game, but then when I was there more people kinda started to lean against the fence an watch. I think they thought that I was known to have been good from win I pitched that other time.

The first batter hit the ball right to Bugois! I was like man i could have pitched it and then caught it if there were two of me! Haha! Then this other guy got a hit but I thought Jeff could thrown him out from the outfield but he didn't try. Then I was nervous. But to the first baetter I threw a strike and then I knew I could. The last batter hit this ball to this really cool guy named Chris and he did this baseball play called a DOUBLE PLAY that gives you two outs on one play!! I couldn't believe it.

Then in the dugout I said to the coach and one of the players 'you have to be a good pitcher to get a double play, right?' and they said mostly it was because of Chris. That is ok. Chris is real good.

Oh man there is so much else that happened in that game but I can't remember it all now. I think I have to bee one of the only players in the camp who has pitched and hit a homer. Tomorow at break fast I am going to ask if anyone else has.


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