Royals Speed Project - Scouting the Royals

There are baseball scouts and then there are people that try to run a team with a computer. While both have their advantages, I would like to combine the two a try to get a good idea of a the foot speed of the Royals. The other day, I looked at the speed of Betancourt and Butler running to 1B on a sprint. I figured this would be a good way to get a player's speed compared to other players (RH and LH hitters will need to be split up because they are on different sides of the plate). So I would propose the following exercise for our readers:

  1. Look for situations a game where a Royal hitter had to sprint all the way on a play to 1B. Keep track of the Player, Game, and Inning. I will try to create place in the GameDay thread for the instances. If a person can't put the instance in the thread, come back here and put it in the comments.
  2. People with and go back and watch the play the next day and time how long it takes the player to get to 1B once they make contact with the ball. I would like to have 3 different instances timing the player, but I will take what I can get.
  3. I will post the values here for a reference of each player's speed like this:
NAME POS BAT AGE HT WT Game1 Game2 Game3
Brayan Pena C R 30 5-9 228

Brayan Pena C L 30 5-9 228

Humberto Quintero C R 32 5-9 214

Yuniesky Betancourt SS R 30 5-11 204 4.84 on 4/14

Alcides Escobar SS R 25 6-1 184

Chris Getz 2B L 28 5-11 181

Eric Hosmer 1B L 22 6-4 229

Mike Moustakas 3B L 23 6-0 213

Jason Bourgeois LF R 30 5-9 195

Jeff Francoeur RF R 28 6-5 220 4.37 on 4/18 4.74 on 4/18
Alex Gordon LF L 28 6-2 220

Mitch Maier CF L 29 6-2 213

Billy Butler DH R 26 6-1 240 4.50 on 4/14

I am hoping to have a good idea of how fast various player's run. It can be used for comparison when having discussions such as if a player is hurt or not. Thanks in advance for anyone that helps.
Can you Rec's this post so it is at the top of the Fan Posts until the data is collected? Thanks.

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