10 Minor Leaguers I'm interested to see whether they can repeat or build on last years success

These are players who did pretty well last year, mostly in the low minors, but weren't high picks and maybe not as highly regarded as 'name' prospects, though many of you will be familiar with all/some of them. I want to see which of these continue their success of 2011 and become actual prospects, and which ones become organizational filler. They are in no particular order, with stats from last year's teams:

Edwin Carl, RP, RH: Non-drafted free agent, 2010, Idahao Falls. DOB: 08/31/1988

1.36 ERA 33 IP 17 H 71 K 3 BB

He's older, but I think anyone with a 19.3 K/9 strike-out ratio with only 3 walks is worth following.

Daniel Mateo, SS/2B, B-S: Non-drafted free agent, 2008. Idaho Falls DOB: 08/10/1991


He's listed as a SS but I think he'll get moved to 2B. Only stole one base last year, so speed may be an issue.

Justin Trapp, SS, B-R 34th round 2009, Burlington. DOB: 10/07/1990


Had 7 HR's in 243 AB's to go along with 31 SB's with only 7 CS. Will be in Kane County this year, likely paired with Mateo up the middle.

Nick Graffeo, RP, RH: 38th round 2010, Burlington. DOB: 12/14/1987.

2.04 ERA 53 IP 37 H 53 K 16 BB

Once again, a bit old, but he cut down on his hits given up from the previous year while maintaining similar K and BB rates. And Graffeo was also born in Leawood and graduated from Raytown, so I have a soft spot for the hometown product.

Andrew Stueve, RP, RH: Non-drafted free agent, 2011. AZL/WIL. DOB: 04/07/1989.

2.09 ERA 46 IP 38 H 43 K 6 BB

Good K/BB, was Royals Player of the Year for AZL. Will start the year in Kane County.

D'Andre Toney, OF, RH: 14th round, 2011. AZL. DOB:1/24/1992.


Hit 22 extra bases in 150 AB's. Only 5'10" 170 but obviously has some pop. Also was CS 11 times in 18 attempts. The player I'm most afraid will be the dreaded PTBNL in the Quintero trade. Guessing he will either be in Kane County or Wilmington to start the year.

Sergio Rosario, SP, RH: Non-drafted free agent, 2008. DSL/AZL. DOB: 08/20/1990.

4.16 ERA 71 IP 58 H 81 K 28 BB

Rosario was not as effective in AZL as DSL, so I'll be interested to see if he falters with the next jump, as well.

Nick DelGuidice, SS, B-R: Non-drafted free agent, 2011, AZL/Idaho Falls. DOB: 06/01/1989.


No, he's not going to keep doing that, and he just turned 23, so he's not a pup, either. He walked 10 times in 125 AB's at AZL, but then only walked once in 62 AB's at Idaho. Still, the guy looks like he can hit (maybe a Mike Aviles type) and it'll be fun to see what he does.

Clayton Schultz, RP, LH: Non-drafted free agent, 2011. AZL. DOB: 06/07/1990

0.00 ERA 16 IP 9 H 17 K 2 BB.

Not sustainable, of course, but the thing I found particuarly interesting is that Schultz was the victim of a freaking shark attack in July of 2010 that required over 300 stitches. I know, he only pitched 17 innings but how can you not root for a surfer dude named Clayton, who was bitten by a shark a year earlier? My first dog was a dachshund named Schulz, so there's that, too.

Ramon Torres, 2B, B-S: Non-drafted free agent, 2009, DSL. DOB: 01/22/1993.


There's a lot to like with Torres. He's only 19, he has some nice BB and K rates (26 BB's and 36 K's in 204 AB's), and was 14/19 in SB's.

Also of interest: Yender Caramo, Terrance Gore, Jossiel Martinez, Gabriel Gray, Michael Giovenco

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