Tiny sample size fielding stats (in reader-friendly list form)

We have a miniscule amount of fielding data, so let's look at it. These are really small sample sizes, so I don't think there's a ton of meaning here, but let's just list them and see what's there.

Top 6 UZR

  1. Alex Gordon 5.2
  2. Mike Moustakas 3.2
  3. Alcides Escobar 1.6
  4. Jeff Francoeur 1.5
  5. Chris Getz 1.1
  6. Eric Hosmer 0.5

I would think that everyone can agree that Gordon has looked very good in the field. So far this year, both the numbers and the eyes say that he's got both a good arm and good range. He's getting to a lot of balls. Moustakas has also looked quite good. Escobar is Escobar. Francoeur has also shown good range and arm, just not at Gordon levels. Chris Getz has done a pretty good job so far, putting up 1.1 fielding runs above average in limited playing time. I went to #6 so I could include Hosmer. After last year, it's good to see him on the plus side. Hopefully the positioning issues have been fixed.
More lists after the jump

Bottom 5 UZR

  1. Jarrod Dyson -2.7
  2. Yuniesky Betancourt -0.8
  3. Lorenzo Cain -0.1
  4. Jason Bourgeois -0.1
  5. Mitch Maier 0.0

In a little time in CF, Dyson really looked awful. Clearly he has great range; he just had a little bad stretch. To my eyes, Yuni has looked pretty horrible defensively at 2B. So far the numbers bear that out. Cain, Bourgeois and Maier are the product of extra-tiny sample size. Nothing to see here.

Top 5 DRS

  1. Alex Gordon 5
  2. Alcides Escobar 2
  3. Humberto Quintero 2
  4. Four tied with 1 (Moustakas, Francoeur, Pena, Mendoza)

Very similar to the UZR list. Quintero is listed here but not UZR because UZR doesn't have defensive catching data posted on Fangraphs yet.

Bottom 5 DRS

  1. Jarrod Dyson -4
  2. Yuniesky Betancourt -2
  3. Chris Getz -1
  4. Mitch Maier -1
  5. Several tied at 0 (including Hosmer)

Again, similar to UZR, except for Getz. DRS doesn't like his range as much as UZR does.

Top 5 OOZ (Out of zone plays)

  1. Alcides Escobar 10
  2. Alex Gordon 8
  3. Jeff Francoeur 8
  4. Chris Getz 4
  5. Three tied at 2 (Maier, Bourgeois, Cain)

This mostly makes sense. Escobar is a range beast. Gordon is getting to balls all over the field. Francoeur surprises me here. I don't recall that many out of zone plays. I hope he keeps it up.
For all of the above numbers, do they make sense to you? Are your eyes seeing something different from the numbers? Are these guys this good/bad?

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