Good ol' Royals


The Royals suck right now… maybe just suck, period. As soon as they lose the lead in a game there is a sense of dread -- their fate has been sealed. There will be no coming back from any sized deficit. Ever since Mr. Broxton;s epic meltdown in Oakland it's become evident that this will not, in fact, be our year. Not in a playoff sense or even in a "good times will be had" sense. 18-11 = 3-2. It's over before it really even started.

I've watched parts of almost every game this year… and I still get excited when Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas and Billy Butler come up to bat. I still see flashes of brilliance in Duffy and Hochevar. I'm eagerly awaiting the return of Paulino in the hopes he'll continue his good pitching from last year. These are the things that keep me watching. Still, the losses… the slow bleed that has been this 10-game losing streak… are the epitome of painful. Watching this season so far is like watching a small wound that just won't heel. It's fine for a day or two, not too bothersome, but after 10 days it's time to start wondering…. how much can I stand to lose? Why won't this fix itself?

In some ways this season is just like any/every other Royals season I've closely followed. It's just that this season had such promise and hope in the form of Hosmer and Moustakas. I don't know… maybe they're just like Mike Sweeney, Carlos Beltran, Jermaine Dye, Johnny Damon and Zack Greinke. Maybe they're the next good players on a string of bad teams. Maybe that's this group's fate.

Deep down, though, I thought something was different. The front office behaved differently in locking up several of our players to long-term deals. The new guys are still playing major league baseball and haven't failed too miserably yet (Giavotella aside… but it's debatable how much he's actually failed). The minors don't look as promising as a couple years ago but hey, the beautiful thing is that it could turn around completely in the next month.

Doesn't this sound familiar? Doesn't it?

Tonight I'll tune into the game and shake my head at ANOTHER Yost batting order where Yuniesky Betancourt bats ahead of Mike Moustakas. I'll shake my head at another runner caught stealing or picked off. I'll shake my head at Jeff Francoeur grounding into a first-pitch double play.

But you know what? Alex Gordon might hit a home run and Eric Hosmer might show some improved patience at the plate and have four really good at bats. I suppose that might be enough to keep me watching loss number 11 in a row.

Even though things felt different… they feel exactly the same. Why won't this dang thing fix itself?

These are our good ol' Royals.

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