Genuinely Interested in Becoming an MLB GM: Where should I start to develop a system?

So, I'm going to start homeschooling again.

You might be wondering, why am I telling you this?

Well, it means I will have more time on my hands to work on developing a system to acquire talent and manage a team as an aspiring GM. I will have time to look into what all major league teams are doing, find inefficiencies, and take the best methods that all teams use to develop and acquire talent.

So, I wanted some advice as to how to get started. Here's what I probably need to get involved in the baseball world (keep in mind, your advice is appreciated):

1: Get an internship with a professional sports team in Kansas City.

I want to be able to assist a scout or a GM or some other front-office person in any of the major sports teams in KC. I just don't know where to start. Maybe sending letters to Dayton Moore, JJ Picollo, Jin Wong, and whoever else is in charge of player development and talent acquisition for the Royals. I also wouldn't mind sending letters to Scott Pioli and whoever is the general manager for Sporting KC.

2: Find market inefficiencies, and a talent acquisition strategy, and adapt it accordingly until I can be a GM.

I need some advice as to where to look for market inefficiencies in baseball, and how smart teams are drafting talent these days. I need advice for what areas to look at to continue to adapt every year, what markets to look at, what kind of players to keep and which to let go when they get too expensive, and how to keep having sustained success as a small market team. I would also like advice for how good mid and large market teams are running things, because, well, you never know where I might end up.

3: Advice on scouting and how to develop talent properly.

How do scouts do their job? What do they notice when they scout a good player? What do they notice when they scout a bad player?

There are many other things I could probably look at for developing a team. If you have any resources that could help me in my pursuit of sports management, please comment and let me know. All of your advice is appreciated.

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