Is This Hope Real?

I got a call from my roommate late last night. He works on a cruise ship and is out in the ocean for 4 months at a time. "I see the Royals are 4.5 games out of first place" he says. "Yeah pretty crazy," I tell him. "How did that happen?" he asks. I pause. The starting pitching has been pieced together but decent, the hitting has been a bad joke the entire year, the defense is sloppy, and the base running looks like a film study of what not to do. I don’t think you can win a bunch of games on a great bullpen alone. "We’ve just been finding ways to win," I say as I search in my brain for an answer, but come up with nothing. "Well gives us a reason to hope" he says.

Hope. That’s a funny word for a Kansas City fan. We pair that up with the word ‘potential’ and we have worn those words out. To the point now that we see them as almost a negative. The definition of hope is: "the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best." Kansas City’s definition is: "knowing that the present is bleak but looking toward the distant future to be brighter." This hope though seems weird. This is a new hope that I felt today. Its June, late June as a matter of fact and there that number is; 4.5 games back and I’m not even sure how we got here. Maybe the baseball gods are finally giving us some breaks after putting us through the ringer the first month of the year. Maybe teams look at us as an easy win only to find they lost the series after we leave their city. Maybe this hope is serious and maybe we can still dream in July, or past the All-Star game, or into August or maybe just maybe be a 2007 Colorado Rockies dreamer in September.

Dayton Moore is finally in a position to see where he stands with winning. I’m not saying this is a playoff team this year, but the Royals need to position themselves to bring in talent next year via free agency if possible. That is only possible by either vastly overspending or becoming a legitimate team. Even though we will most likely have to overspend still to get any type of upgradeable talent, it still puts us in a better position if we can sell our team with wins to back it up.

There is no debate at this point that our offense is flat. They are in a rut, so deep at this point that the only thing left to do is put a fire under them. New faces and a sense that your job is not safe unless you perform could be exactly what they need. I believe 3 players should be called up.

We all know the Wil Myers train has to be coming soon. For Royals fans, if we want to have a chance, it better be coming soon. We have gotten very little from centerfield this year other than decent defense. Someone asked me of what I thought of Jarrod Dyson being an everyday OF. One word, cute. Yes, it’s nice to always have the fastest guy in the stadium on the field, but when you have a grand total of 6 RBIs to your name and the biggest problem with this team is driving in runs, all it is at that point is cute.

Management does recall that we have this guy named Salvador Perez in AAA right now, don’t they? 11 games down there and still no call up? We have at best, average defense from our duo right now and at best average offense from them as well, isn’t it time to call him up? Did anyone not notice that our pitchers looked competent when he called the games and maybe if you place him in the lineup you might have a chance to knock in a run or two? Letting him sit in AAA is just wasting everyone’s time at this point.

For the last call up, I am talking about someone to fill the bench. Now I’m not really one for a hard luck story and think that if you can play baseball then that’s really all I care about. But Irving Falu really catches my eye. He plays like there is no baseball tomorrow. Like his next step might be his last, so he might as well give it everything he’s got. That’s the guy we need on our team right now. We need a guy who is going to rub off on these guys who are just going through the motions. Treating every at bat like he might not ever get another in the major leagues. The guy can hit, and he can play multiple positions. I love his attitude that he brings and the spark he can generate.

Am I a hopeless hopeful? Maybe. But doesn’t this hope seem different now? Doesn’t it seem like we have a chance to look like a complete baseball team for the entire season and just not in September when it doesn’t count anymore? It’s June 20th and we can say that we are closer to winning our division then the Boston Red Sox and LA Angels. I like the sound of that. I could get used to that.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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