Remembering Sean O`Sullivan: A Trade That Shows How Rotten This Game Has Become

Feb 29, 2012; Surprise, AZ, USA; Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Sean O'Sullivan (37) poses for a picture during the Royals photo day at Surprise Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-US PRESSWIRE

If the big market teams are going to keep tilting this pool table, then eventually, small market fans are going to take their sticks home, looking for another nineteenth century game.

Because right now, we're all getting snookered.

Dayton Moore is one of the best in the business. He's built the Royals the right way. He's done it by the book, the Holy Writ that has guided baseball sages since the days of Doubleday. Fundamentals. Looking for COMPETITORS. Finding players that know how to win, know how to lead. Baseball players.

But the Big Market Behemoths play by another set of rules.

These guys don't even know the game we grew up with. These spreadsheet wizards with their fortress balance sheets crunch the numbers and always find the money they need. This isn't baseball anymore.

The Royals traded a promising young pitcher away this week, simply for cash.

More evidence the little guys can't compete.

Sean O`Sullivan is a baseball player. A real old school dirtbag. The kind of guy you want to play baseball with, talk about hunting with, rock out to nu-metal with. He's gone now. Another guy the little guys couldn't keep. Gone to Toronto. The big city. A team with a whole country supporting them. The Royals are just country. It's different.

The NFL is the greatest league ever. They get it. Roger Goodell is a lodestar of progress. He's a true gentleman. Look at the NFL. Every year there's a different team that's really good. Everyone can win the Super Bowl. Now look at baseball. The Yankees every year. Baseball was ruined by steroids, while the NFL stayed pure. Leadership. The Shield.

If the Royals have to give away a player like Sean O'Sullivan simply for a few pennies... baseball is in BIG TROUBLE.

The next time those millionaires come to town, I say we protest. Let's all wear the same colored shirt, go to the game, and then leave. This lack of fairness must end. Baseball must find a way to share their revenues, so that they can mirror the NFL's success. Teams like the Royals should also look at new stadiums, and the public should support these measures, because they will create jobs. I have a friend in Indianapolis who talks about how well they're doing.

I believe in rugged individualism, free markets, and limited government. In public life, I support a huge military and maybe NASA, if it can be properly weaponized. Why can't sports follow this clear path to fairness? It doesn't make sense. These Yankees now have their own hotel rooms when they travel! Pampered!

Sean O`Sullivan was a man's man. And he could throw that fireball right by you. He's gone now.

I spoke to a young Royals fan today. I asked him who his favorite player was. He said "Derek Jeter." I just walked away, crying at what had become of our national pasttime.

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