Hosmer really is Casey Kotchman.

It has been said, with little or no debate, that Eric Hosmer is the Royals’ equivalent of Casey Kotchman, or at least Hosmer is slowly morphing into Kotchman each and every day.



While no sensible person would argue otherwise, the proof is piling up; they are literally the same. Just look at the "sameness" in the pictures of the individual (posing as the 6'3" "Kotchman" above and being the 6'4" Hosmer below).



Casey John Kotchman was born on February 22, 1983, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Eric John Hosmer was born on October 24, 1989 in Miami, Florida.

They were both born - as dark-haired boys - in the Sunshine State. They both have the middle name "John." Is it just mere coincidence that they share so many similarities? No.

Kotchman played for the 2001 national champion, Seminole High School. Hosmer played at American Heritage High School. They both went to high school. Even more fascinating, both schools are in, yes, you guessed it, Florida. Hosmer won a couple of little league state championships in Florida. Yes, both men have been winners at every level.

Kotchman was the Gatorate Florida Baseball Player of the Year in 1999-2000. Hosmer also won the award in Florida. The similarities are undeniable.

Kotchman is a first baseman, as is Hosmer. Again, this is eerily identical.

Kotchman was the 13th overall pick in the 2001 MLB draft. Hosmer was the 3rd overall pick in the 2008 MLB draft. They were both draft picks in the same decade! The picks share the number "3." OMG!

Kotchman missed 128 games in 2006 due to mononucleosis, the "kissing disease."

Hosmer should be leery.



The same person should not make the same mistake twice.

Kotchman’s parents are named Tom and Sue. Hosmer’s parents are named Mike and Ileana. The fact that both ballplayers had male and female parents prove that they are really the same, i.e., identical, person. Logic compels this conclusion. It is not mere coincidence or simplistic alignment of the stars.

But here is the unsolved problem: Kotchman is slated for tonight’s Indians game against the Astros. Hosmer is in tonight’s line-up against the Cardinals. Clearly, one of them is a deceitful, lying bitch of a doppelganger.

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