To Front Page, Or Not To Front Page?

This had originally started as a comment in yon FanShot regarding Sir Sugar Ray and his Marimon, and then I noticed it was approaching 500 words, so I thought it'd be better just to move it to a FanPost.

Although I think you guys have the gist of it by now, I wanted to offer a few recent examples of things that have made it to the front page (that I can recall, anyway).

FanShots are a little more subjective to news-worthiness, and also to what else is or has been posted (FanPosts or Articles) that could go on the front page. But you are likely to see one of these at some time:

FanShots are typically things posted between some of the bigger things. You'll see a lot of FanShots up on the front page for only a few hours until Game Threads, FanPosts, and Articles take their place. However, some have been known to stay up, especially if they are generating a lot of discussion (with the discussion revolving around what the FanShot is posting about, anyway)

FanPosts are kind of a different breed. I think most of us who have been coming here for awhile expect something more from a Post than we do from a Shot (considering their basic nature, it makes sense), which is probably best exemplified by this recent example of a FanPost regarding Eric Hosmer and his production resembling that of Casey Kotchman. A lot of people were baffled about why it was front-paged, because they believed it was poorly written and had very little factual basis besides a mild comparison based on cursory statistics. Other people defended it as a worthy topic of discussion. Which, it certainly is worthy of discussion. But the quality of the post people felt wasn't deserving of being displayed on the front page. We're a sordid, fickle bunch, and I think RR's reputation means a great deal to many community members more so than it does to people who typically frequent this site or others. So here are some recent examples of FanPosts that have made or could have made the front page (without the accompanying controversy):

And not that recent:

People can fill me in on if there is something else that typically makes the front page, but from my experience it is things like this from the community-at-large that get put on display for all the world to see. Also, our Dearly Departed had something to say about it about 15 months ago. More for us, but sort of fit parameters of what makes good copy.

And nothing is complete without a poll:

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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