June 27th standings for the past 10 years

What a difference 15 games makes. A few weeks ago I posted the June 11th standings for the past 10 years (found here) and found that, for the most part, the last four years had looked about the same at that point in the season. Their run differential ranged from -30 to -43, their games back ranged from 7.5-10.5, and they were either 9 or 10 games below .500, with really little to no progress from year-to-year. Now, how do those same standings look after games on June 27th? A little something like this:

Year Division League GB +/- W L %
2012 4 12 5 -27 34 39 0.466
2011 4 13 10 -44 33 46 0.418
2010 4 11 9.5 -33 32 44 0.421
2009 4 12 9.5 -58 31 42 0.425
2008 4 12 7 -40 37 43 0.463
2007 5 13 13.5 -57 33 46 0.418
2006 5 14 26.5 -138 25 50 0.333
2005 5 14 25.5 -101 25 50 0.333
2004 5 14 12 -73 28 44 0.389
2003 1 6 0 -2 42 34 0.553

Some highlights:

The .466 winning percentage is easily the best since 2008, and the best overall since 2003, meaning we're winning more games now than any year since The Most Disappointing Sports Year in Kansas City History.

Same goes for run differential, which currently sits at -27, the best it's been since we were 8 games over .500 and were still negative in 2003. We Believe indeed.

The 5 games back is, once again, the closest we've been since 2003, with the 7 in 2008 being the next closest year.

So, what does it all mean? Are we seeing progress? Does this 2012 squad have it in them to make a little bit of a run at this thing? If they can keep within shouting distance of the central teams (odds are against it), imagine the hype going into 2013. If this year is Our Time, what will 2013 be, We're Better Than You Now?

Did you know: The Royals went from July 2003 to June 2007 without having a winning month? That's 22 months in a row with a losing record every month. May no sports fan ever know the lows that we've known...

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