Reviewing Dayton Moore's Final Three Drafts in Atlanta: Part 2- 2005

Was never a True Brave

The 2004 draft turned out to produce almost nothing at all for the Braves, 2005 was a rebound year, in retrospect. Although not because that year the Braves actually had a first round pick (and a supplemental!) Unfortunately, the Major League brass would ultimately trade away one of the most valuable pieces from the 2005 haul, but they did it for their very Braves-y reasons, so I'm sure they have no regrets.

Just to reiterate, we're doing this because a) Dayton Moore was hired because of his minor league work in Atlanta b) because this has been draft week and c) we're now far enough away that these drafts can be evaluated. Just about everyone drafted in the early to mid 2000s is now either out of baseball or just barely hanging on. Those that are going to make it, pretty much have made it.

On to the B-R chart:

Year Rnd OvPck RdPck Tm Pos WAR G AB HR OPS G ERA WHIP Type Drafted Out of
2005 2 75 27 Braves Yunel Escobar (minors) SS 18.0 692 2593 47 .756
2005 22 677 27 Braves Tommy Hanson (minors) RHP 6.9 89 157 0 .163 89 3.34 1.20 JC Riverside Community College (Riverside, CA)
2005 1 27 27 Braves Joey Devine (minors) RHP 1.9 93 1 0 .000 93 2.75 1.25 4Yr North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC)
2005 28 857 27 Braves Louis Coleman (minors) RHP 1.5 48 1 0 .000 62 3.01 1.21 HS Pillow Academy (Greenwood, MS)
2005 33 1007 27 Braves Tyler Flowers (minors) 1B 1.1 69 175 7 .688 JC Chipola College (Marianna, FL)
2005 20 617 27 Braves Andrew Cashner (minors) RHP 0.1 87 3 0 .000 87 4.15 1.44 HS Conroe HS (Conroe, TX)
2005 15 467 27 Braves Mason Tobin (minors) RHP -0.1 4 0 0 4 6.75 1.88 HS Kentridge HS (Kent, WA)
2005 3 107 27 Braves Jordan Schafer (minors) OF -1.7 180 645 6 .628 HS Winter Haven HS (Winter Haven, FL)
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So yes, this is the Tommy Hanson draft. The Royals drafted Hanson in the 22nd round in 2005... and a year later in 2006 they signed him. By 2009 he reached the Major Leagues, and in 89 career starts, has posted a 118 ERA+. Viewed as an elite pitching prospect by the conclusion of his prospect life, Hanson's ERA has crept up each year he's been in the Majors, though he's been a very good, very valuable pitcher.

Hanson stats:

2009 22 2.89 21 127.2 10 46 116 143 1.183 7.4 0.7 3.2 8.2
2010 23 3.33 34 202.2 14 56 173 117 1.174 8.1 0.6 2.5 7.7
2011 24 3.60 22 130.0 17 46 142 106 1.169 7.3 1.2 3.2 9.8
2012 25 3.71 12 68.0 9 26 63 106 1.382 9.0 1.2 3.4 8.3
4 Yrs 3.34 89 528.1 50 174 494 118 1.202 7.9 0.9 3.0 8.4
162 Game Avg. 3.34 34 202 19 66 189 118 1.202 7.9 0.9 3.0 8.4
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I'm still not visually used to the new run environment, and with the National League adjustment, he's produced a lower WAR total than you might expect. B-R has him at 8.3 lifetime, Fangraphs at 9.3. All pretty good for a draft-and-follow guy. Of course, if he was a Royal, we'd be writing epic poems about him.

The real pick here, was Yunel Escobar, who was taken in the 2nd round. B-Ref has him at 18 WAR careerwise, which is in line with Fangraphs' 18.1. He reached the Majors more quickly than Hanson, and as a shortstop who can hit a little and field well, he's been very valuable. Of course, the Braves traded him in 2010 because... well... because... he's a bad guy or something. And they still haven't had a shortstop since. (Though they just called up the latest tool box.) Last season, they missed the playoffs by a game, and had Alex Gonzalez give them a .270 OBP for 149 games. But he played the game the right way.

As for the other picks. First rounder Joey Devine played briefly for Atlanta from 2005-07, before being traded to Oakland. As a Brave, he threw 19 innings in three seasons. So needless to say, not a successful pick. Louis Coleman didn't sign with Atlanta, and didn't sign with Washington the year later, all of his value has come as a ... Kansas City Royal, after being drafted by Dayton in 2009. Tyler Flowers you know about, although most of his value has come as a White Sox. Cashner didn't sign with the Braves, and has been blah for the Cubs. Mason Tobin also never signed, but randomly pitched four games for Texas in 2011. Jordan Schafer you probably know about, as he's been one of the million failed Braves outfield prospects of the last decade. He will be a Royal some day.

Here are the Braves through the 10th round:

Year Rnd DT OvPck RdPck Tm Pos Type Drafted Out of
2005 1 27 27 Braves Joey Devine (minors) RHP 4Yr North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC)
2005 1s 41 41 Braves *Beau Jones (minors) LHP HS Destrehan HS (Destrehan, LA)
2005 2 75 27 Braves Yunel Escobar (minors) SS
2005 2 77 29 Braves via Yankees *Jeff Lyman (minors) RHP HS Monta Vista HS (Cupertino, CA)
2005 3 107 27 Braves Jordan Schafer (minors) OF HS Winter Haven HS (Winter Haven, FL)
2005 4 137 27 Braves Michael Broadway (minors) RHP HS Pope County HS (Golconda, IL)
2005 5 167 27 Braves Will Startup (minors) LHP 4Yr University of Georgia (Athens, GA)
2005 6 197 27 Braves Tyler Bullock (minors) RHP 4Yr Baylor University (Waco, TX)
2005 7 227 27 Braves Brandon Monk (minors) 2B HS La Grange HS (La Grange, GA)
2005 8 257 27 Braves Kyle Cofield (minors) RHP HS Southside HS (Southside, AL)
2005 9 287 27 Braves Steven Garcia (minors) C HS Temecula Valley HS (Temecula, CA)
2005 10 317 27 Braves Colin Carter (minors) LHP JC Grayson County College (Denison, TX)
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Devine you know about. Supplemental pick Beau Jones is currently pitching in AAA for the Miami organization. Escobar is in Toronto. Jeff Lyman is in the indy leagues, with a horrible ERA. Michael Broadway currently owns a 45.00 ERA for the AA team of the Padres. Will Startup is... you guessed it, currently in the indies as well. Tyler Bullock has been out of baseball since 2008, as has Brandon Monk. Kyle Cofield is in AA Altoona for Pittsburgh. Stephen Garcia has bounced around the indies as well. Colin Carter is out of baseball and may have never even signed.

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