Myers or Odorizzi?

Let's say hypothetically, it's two weeks from now , so the Super 2 discussion is (probably, mostly) moot; and let's say that Myers and Odorizzi continue to perform as they have thus far.

Let's further assume that we move Danny Duffy to the 60 Day DL and have (thank God) reactivated the Perezence from the same. This will allow the team to jettison Hum-Q (hopefully) and clear up exactly one roster space. Theoretically, of course, we could remove Derrick Robinson or David Lough from the roster (or sell low on Noel Arguelles in some trade package), but let's say the Royals aren't doing this just yet.

So, who comes up between Myers or Odorizzi?

I see the pretty clear argument for Odorizzi. I'm not going to have to spell it out.

However, honestly, I'm going to pull the trigger on Myers. I'm going to do this because--presently--the team's offense is worse than the pitching.

If we thought during spring training (when hopes were unrealistic, when Lorenzo Cain patrolled center field, when Duffy struck out Joey Votto, when Chris Dwyer looked effective one time) that Mendoza would go a start in June giving up 4 runs in 6ish innings, I mean, we'd take that. We'd take that because we thought this team was built to win games 6-4 and 7-5. Our crappy rotation would nightly give up 3-5 runs in 5-6 innings, pass it on to the super bullpen, and our offense would make up for it. Now, here we are, winning shut outs?

To me, having the Royals winning shut outs is the equivalent of having a .637 BABIP.

Though, I think also the overall team FIP isn't actually that awful.

The announcers last night said the Royals were around 6th in the American League in Batting Average, but last in runs. We're also toward the bottom in home runs. So, we have an RBI problem (ineffective stat it may be, we can still suck at it). We can talk about 'mentality with runners in scoring position', but that's not a useful discussion.

Instead, I'll discuss lineups.

Here is our lineup now:

Gordon, Betancourt, Butler, Moose, Francoeur, Hosmer, Escobar, Dyson, Quintero.

Here is our hypothetical/Platonic ideal lineup in two weeks:

Gordon, Giavotella, Butler, Moose, Myers, Hosmer, Francoeur, Perez, Escobar

I'm not a lineup guy, really, and I'd bet twenty deer heads Yosty would not live with the middle defense of this lineup. The point is that the later lineup has the looks of one that would plate more runs. There is a less obvious third where rallies go to retire. We need Myers, because our scoring runs problem is greater than our pitching problem... because that is how this team is designed to win games.

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