Offensive Projections Mid Season

We are half way there folks. 81 games in and saying it has been an up and down season is a huge understatement. At the beginning of the season I made predictions for the offense. Here is where we stand so far half way through.

Alex Gordon

Predicted .285/20HR/73RBI/18SB

Currently .274/5/27/3

Gordon has just been around so far. His batting average is improving, but he’s not hitting many HRs, which I think will change, no speed on the bases and not hitting runs in. I think he is in line for a better second half but the only thing he has any shot of hitting is BA for my projections.

Lorenzo Cain



Is Cain even alive? Honestly I don’t know. Haven’t heard from him and I’ve completely forgot about him. Well hopefully we see him this year; so far we have 5 games.

Eric Hosmer



Man I missed on this one bad. I thought he was the world and the world figured him out a little bit. His numbers are moving up a little bit and the average is less scary. I think he is in the same boat as Gordon, a big second half is in his future. You can almost see the pressure is off of him a little bit with Moose and Perez hitting. Let the bat fly!

Billy Butler



Oh Billy. Thank you for making me not look so crazy. In fact he might have better numbers across the board, minus the BA. Although, it’s Billy, so I’m not going to doubt him anymore. Career numbers obviously for Billy as I said he would bounce back. Glad he proved me right.

Mike Moustakas



These numbers could very well be low for Moose. The guy is proving he is a big time player and is here to stay. If he can get some help around him he might even have a better second half. Although at this point I’ll just take what he did in the first half everyday and twice on Sunday.

Jeff Francoeur



It took Jeff so long to get going. His numbers are improving but ever so slightly. He just isn’t getting runners home. If he has the same production in the second half that he did in the first half, my numbers are close, but I felt I was conservative in my projections anyways. At this point the Royals are really just best to trade him and get something and let the Myers era begin because these numbers are just not stacking up to a major league RF.

Salvador Perez



The Royals will be lucky to get a half a season out of Perez but he still might get to my projections. The guy is a star and I don’t think there is any way that if he plays a full year that he isn’t an All-Star in some point in his career and its probably sooner than later.

Johnny Giavotella



So frustrating that he’s not playing right now. He has to be the future at 2B for the Royals I would think. If he’s not let’s trade him while he’s young. If he is, then let him come up and take his lumps. It’s almost like the Royals are afraid that he won’t work out. Anyways, he won’t get to these numbers this year because Moore doesn’t want him to.

Alcides Escobar



I said that I thought these numbers could be a bit optimistic. Turns out he is exceeding my optimism. I’m not sure he can keep up the BA, but I’ll take it for right now. He isn’t stealing bases at the rate that I thought he would, but he might get the green light more in the second half. Whatever is the case, I’ll take another half like this from Escobar.

Injuries definitely hurt the offense and really slow starts from Gordon and Hosmer. These numbers could look at lot different at the end of the year, but so far for my projections, not great, not terrible.

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