An Early Look at the 2013 Schedule

MLB released the "tentative" full 2013 MLB schedule today.

Here is the direct link to the Royals schedule

Opening Day is on the road against the White Sox on Monday April 1st

After two more games on Wednesday and Thursday in Chicago, the Royals will be the opponent for the Phillies home opener on Friday April 5th.

Home Opener is Monday April 8th versus Minnesota

Some other highlights after the jump

MLB Notes

  • 19 games against your divisional opponents (76), 6 or 7 against other league opponents (66), and 20 interleague games
  • Interleague rivalry games will be played in back-to-back 2 game series (home and home) on May 27-30 (Mon-Thurs)
  • Sunday Night "Opener" on ESPN still lists teams as TBD
  • The Reds traditional opener has the season starting against the Angels
  • Astros start their 1st season in the AL by hosting "new" rival Texas Rangers
  • MLB Draft starts Thursday, June 6
  • All Star game is July 16th at Citi Field in New York
  • story: MLB releases 2013 schedule with new wrinkles

Royals Notes

  • As noted above, Royals open on the road with White Sox and Phillies series
  • Home opener the week after against Twins then Blue Jays
  • Cardinals at home May 27th and 28th and in St Louis the 29th and 30th
  • Final home game: September 22nd vs the Rangers
  • Atlanta and Washington (unless you count a visit from the Expos) will visit Kaufman for the first time
  • Interleague Games: 4 aforementioned with Cards, 2 home and 2 away with Braves, 3 at Phillies, 3 at Mets, 3 vs Marlins, and 3 vs Nats
  • Season ends with a 3 game Battle for Grass Creek and a bookend to the season with a final 4 games at the White Sox
  • In September, 16 of 27 games are within the division, ideal for a pennant race
  • Long homestands: 10 in April/May (CLE, TBY, CWS), 9 in June (MIN, HOU, DET), 10 in August (MIN, BOS, MIA)
  • Long road stretches: 9 in May (LAA, OAK, HOU), 9 in July/August (MIN, CWS, NYM)
  • story: Royals to start 2013 on road against White Sox


  • Frankly, it looks more symmetrical than in year's past. Lots of week at home, week on the road sort of patterns. I see very few 2 game series- just the aforementioned Cards and a pair of 2 gamers against Atlanta (huh?).
  • I like the change to the rivalry series. Yes, I prefer having 6 games against St Louis but if we have to go to 4 to make the numbers match, have all of the rivalry games at once. Monday thru Thursday seems like a shrewd move to me- they won't quite get as much attention but they'll fill the stands better than a random game midweek.
  • It seems odd to me that the Sunday Night "opener" doesn't have teams yet. Is that normal?
  • Oh, and in case you forgot (which I know I did): the World Baseball Classic will throw a wrench into everything in March.

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