What will you do when the Royals trade Eric Hosmer for Jeremy Hellickson?

A "friend" of mine inserted this ear-worm into my brain last weekend. I have been shaking my head to the point of concussion since, and even scrabbling around in my ear with the point of a compass, and I can't get the damned thing to fall out.

I have gone through the stages of greiving--with an extended stay in "anger"--and come to terms with the fact that this trade is an inevitability. This is going to happen. It will happen. Going to happen, this is. We must prepare ourselves. Let us examine the facts, that we may gird up our loins together, in a totally heterosexual way:

-On the one hand, you have an offensively deficient franchise with a three-headed monster at first base that is best described as "Chihuahua Cerberus". Said franchise possesses a rare surplus of starting pitching talent and a general manager with predatory instincts and an eye for buying low...not to mention a knack for signing young talent to extensions.

-On the other hand, you have a GM who's running out of time, with an offense that has shown signs of adequacy and the potential to fill the first base slot with--well, not with an ADEQUATE fielder, exactly, but certainly with a live homo sapien who possesses a first baseman's mitt and who can hit baseballs all day long. This GM covets starting pitching the way Jessica Simpson covets Twinkies, but may be in a position where his budget does not permit him to pay for one--the only option is to obtain a cost-controlled player while the contention window remains open.

-Does the trade make sense, for GM #2, from a long-term perspective? Not if Eric Hosmer is what the scouts think he is. But absent substantial signs of progress, GM #2's "future" may be measured in months. To this desperate individual, the trade represents a real shot at short-term improvement of his club. Certainly the player he's acquiring had a better season than the one he's trading away, right? Sure he did! player beat old player heads-up in the Rookie of the Year balloting last year, which makes him OBJECTIVELY BETTER! Hell, better throw in Kelvin Herrera just to make the deal fair.

-The trade represents a chance to press the reset button--it becomes impossible to fire GM #2 while waiting to see whether the shiny new pitcher works out. And, as it happens, that represents a reasonable stretch of time, as the pitcher doesn't enter arbitration until 2014 and remains under club control until 2016--both time periods which correspond pretty closely to the window of time in which GM #2's team might be reasonably expected to compete. And if the player being dealt away has a slightly longer period of club control, and a significantly higher upside than the new acquisition--well, you can't acquire value in exchange for nothing, San Francisco Giants excepted. With the recent performances of the two players involved, the deal can be sold to the owner, to the media, and to the public. It is a no brainer, and so is GM #2.

So. Yes. This thing, which Should Not Be, will nonetheless occur. I, too, denied it at first, but have come to accept it. Your screams of denial are of no more effect than the bleating of hysterical sheep. This shall come to pass. And ye know it.

The question is not whether this will happen, but WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN IT DOES? Go into that moment for me. Tell me what you see.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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