The Many Baserunnings of Jeff "Frenchy" Francoeur: A Top 20(ish)

As the season winds down on what will hopefully be Jeff Francoeur's final season in a Royals uniform I figured we should take a look at some of his great baserunning skills.

Typing in "throws out Francoeur" in MLB's vast MLB.TV video archive yields quite a bit of results. From being gunned down trying to tag from third, getting thrown out at second, and being knabbed at the plate on an infield ground ball, we all have grown accustom to that has provided a -6.3 BsR value in his two short years in Kansas City, a feat seemingly only beaten by Mike "Golden-feet" Aviles.

So without further ado, I present to you (no rhyme intended) the many Highlights of Jeffrey Braden Francoeur.

#20 Pennington's Tough Tag

The Frenchman get thrown out by the Yadier Molina like Derek Norris

#19 Wilson Nabs Frenchy

Jeff almost convinces the Ump he was safe at second.

#18 O's Relay Nabs Francoeur

In an effort to show off his underrated speed, Jeff turns a sure fire double into a "ehhhhhh maybe I could stretch this thing" triple

#17 Lopez's Heads Up Play

Ground ball to 3rd base. General baseball knowledge tells you not to try to go from 3rd to Home it. But Jeff doesn't play general baseball anything.

#16 Cowgill Gets Two

On a ball that kinda makes it into the outfield, Frenchy decides he could make it home.

#15 Andino's Run-Saving Play

Jeff Francoeur loves scoring the tying run. It's the grittiest, most team leading thing he could do. So when you are the tying run in the Top of the 2nd with one charge home no matter what.

#14 Martin Throw Out Francoeur

One run lead in the bottom of the 8th and you're on second base? What do you do? Ask Jeff. You go for third. Why? Because Go For It.

#13 Ackley's Heads Up Play

Jeff meets Chris "Brickwall" Gimenez

#12 Jennings Nabs Francoeur

Jeff Francoeur: Proving the announcers wrong one game at a time.

#11 Salty Gets an Assist

Can't believe the Ump didn't call him safe after Jeff smiled at him...

#10 Red Sox Get Two

Not satisfied with one out? Okay. Let's make it two. Frenchy has the speed.

#9 Cubs Turn Two

Nothing say leadership like wanting to always be the "Throw 'Em Out" portion of a "Strike 'Em Out, Throw 'Em Out" play right? (Kinda like All-Time Quarterback)

#8 Soto Nabs Francoeur

After being thrown out trying to take 3rd base, our loveable right fielder decides that wasn't enough.

#7 Bautista's Strong Throw

A little (ex)Royal on Royal action

#6 Blanco's Strong Throw

Jeff falls for the ol' "Oops I dropped it I hope you don't take second base" gag.

#5 V-Marts Strong Throw

On a dropped third strike Frenchy tells the runners not to advance...only problem is there were no runners, and despite a ball that almost goes in the third base dugout, Francoeur still can't make it to first.

#4 Kubel Throws Out Francoeur

If you can, ALWAYS make the final out at home

#3 De Aza Doubles Off Francoeur

It's just too easy. Frenchy gambles that the ball will drop so he decides to take second. Don't go to the casino's Jeff.

#2 Weaver Picks of Francoeur

Okay. 0-0 game in the Top of the 7th. You are the go ahead run and your standing on 2nd. 3-0 count...what do you do.

#1 Adrian Throws Out Frenchy.

All of our hearts stopped. Our minds raced, and there was that small sliver of hope that maybe, juuuuusssttt maybe the baseball Gods looked down on us today and finally injured Jeff Francoeur. (we were wrong)


I present to you: Mike Sweeney and Jeff Francoeur in the same play.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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